closet-coordinated-smallerWhile getting ready for work today, I walked into my closet and found myself reaching for my favorite black skirt. I was in a hurry so it was an easy decision to make. According to clothing experts, only 20% of the clothes in the average person’s closet are worn on a regular basis. Who knew?!?

In an effort to get out of my clothing routine a few years ago, I hired a wardrobe stylist. Her expertise was in taking the clothes, shoes and accessories I already owned and put together new combinations. The result was excitement for the possibilities that already existed in my own closet. She also motivated me to push my clothing comfort zones by creating my own combinations. The problem was that over time, ‘the new’ became ‘the familiar’. Time to choose a different skirt, or for that matter, a different outfit.

My closet awareness got me thinking about behaviors that limit us by keeping us stuck in the easy and familiar. Do you fall into the 20% closet rule when it comes to clothes? What about in business? As nice as it might be to ‘garanimal’ your life, the possibilities expand exponentially when you’re willing to try new combinations. If you can’t muster the motivation or find yourself resisting change, then hire the expert to get you started. Do it today!

* This post was originally created for LinkedIn Publisher in July 2014