What is it that you want to do your life? ~Tim Ferris

Stephen Heiner had spent 7 years building a business from scratch in a town he knew no one to a six-figure exit. He had always wanted to live in Paris and had no dog, cat, wife, kids, or excuses left. He took a month off in Australia and when he came back he bought a one-way ticket for one year in advance, and spent that time winding things down, selling stuff, and getting out of his US life.

Stephen is an entrepreneur who owns several lifestyle businesses – in real estate, tourism, publishing and podcasting, and a particular passion: writing. He is in his 4th year of residence in Paris, where he is pursuing a French passport, the language itself, and the perfect walk. He spends all but all but 100 days a year in France, and can often be found in the US – specifically Kansas City – or in other European countries.

I managed to catch Stephen during a visit to Kansas City. In this episode of In Layman’s Terms, he shares his entrepreneur insights and philosophies, some of which may push your comfort zones. A few nuggets include:

  • Why you want to build to sell
  • Overdeliver until you earn your clients trust for even more work
  • Enjoy the journey and not miss out on some relationships that can’t endure relentless business drive

You can listen to the entire interview here. 

Value Adds. Stephen mentioned several people who influenced his work and life. Here are the links:

Tim Ferris – 4-Hour Workweek: www.fourhourworkweek.com

John Warrillow – Built to Sell: www.builttosell.com

Michael Gerber – Emyth: www.emyth.com

Stephen Covey – 7-Habits of Highly Effective People: www.stephencovey.com

Leo Babauta – Zen Habits: www.zenhabits.net

As for podcasts, his favorites are $100 MBA, How I Built This, Open for Business, Tropical MBA, and Startup.

You can connect with Stephen on Instagram and Twitter @stephenheiner, on LinkedIn as well as on his Writerly Facebook page. If you have any questions from this interview please email Stephen directly at research@writerly.eu and he will do his best to respond within a week.

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Stay tuned for episode 33 with Allison Maslan.