“People do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust.” -Bob Burg

Think about that.

Your connection with your clients plays a vital role in your businesses success.

From start up. To growth. Then maturity, trust is a powerful force that keeps your customers invested. So it makes sense to promote thriving relationships, increase your brands public appeal, and follow an absolute plan that wins loyalty time after time right?

What If You Could:

  • Easily grow your business by simply gaining your clients trust across multiple online platforms and local events?
  • Quickly apply unusual shortcuts that get you more sales, longer retainers and larger contracts?
  • Stand out from your competition using influential marketing and networking and strategies and tactics?

Right Now You:

  • Struggle to get found in the vast sea of local and online competition.
  • Have a business but your sales have flatlined and you can’t seem to revive them.
  • Have attended countless meetings and network events but still feel like you’ve wasted your time without tangible results.

To Secure More Clients You Need To:

  • Center your company as your industries authority figure.
  • Define your ideal client so you understand how to fulfill their needs, solve their problems and deliver.
  • Implement the step-by-step 90 day course that profitable businesses apply to boost productivity and seize opportunity.

It Doesn’t Matter If You:

  • Launched your business last week and need professional guidance now.
  • Have a deep track record of knowledge and experience but your brand has plateaued for weeks, months or years.
  • Don’t know how to quickly gain consumer trust, immediately close professional deals or make the next move that’ll propel your brand forward, I understand your pains and you’ve found the right blueprint to help transform your business into a credible authority regardless of who you serve.

Who Am I?

My name’s Joyce Layman. Author of two books, nationally recognized speaker (including TEDx) and business transformation coach.

In 2008 I started my own business without a brand, network or clue. There were no step by step guides to follow. No supportive online community to gain value from. No experienced coach to save me time, trouble and money. So I used my 11 years of outside sales experience combined with studies at The Pacific Institute (TPI) to prevail.

I had the expertise but didn’t have any idea on how to build reputable relationships and expand my business. Therefore, I made some costly mistakes. But I learned valuable lessons on how to intelligently grow my business without wasting my resources. With this experience, I developed a proven framework that I now use with my private coaching and consulting clients.

Today, I help entrepreneurs, business owners, industry leaders, small business teams, and individuals like you develop an influential brand that separates your business from the masses and secures more sales through trusted relationships and smart marketing solutions.



Why Choose the Immediate Influence Blueprint?

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building my own brand, network, and business from the ground up along with the proven framework I use with my private coaching and consulting clients and have channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step virtual program that provides the strategy, tactics, personal coaching and accountability to help you increase your influence and grow your business through the power of your network.

And in this influential course, you receive it all…

Everything I’ve learned from optimizing my personal brand and helping professional service providers, small business owners and entrepreneurs boost their revenue. To developing brand consistency and building trustworthy relationships with new and existing clients.

My easy to follow 90 day business development blueprint can get your name in front of the right people, streamline your processes and help you make your first, hundredth or thousandth sale even if you’ve never networked before.

It’s a keystone course unlike any other. You gain access to 7 modules that provide you clarity and necessary actions to take. Your modules contain valuable strategies, tactics, processes and technology hacks that help you create a solid foundation of sales and marketing solutions. And you’ll discover how to effectively apply each one for maximum potential.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a business developer, professional service provider or result driven executive. Or if you think your brand plateaued, you feel overwhelmingly lost or you don’t know how to spot opportunities that can forever transform your business. We’ll start with positioning then move to mindset, visibility and how to streamline your processes so you’re seven steps closer to your goals.



“Immediate Influence Blueprint ” is an exceptional value. I highly recommend Joyce’s process to anyone interested in growing their business. The fee I paid is absolutely the best business investment I have ever made. My only regret is I didn’t meet her 20 years ago. Do you and your business a favor…go through the course.

Jeff Meyers, ChFC, CASL

Managing Partner, Meyers Wealth Management

*Each module provides you with step-by-step action guides to strategically grow your clientele, relationships and business immediately.

Module 1 – Positioning

You know the importance of first impressions, right? In business, you have one shot to make a memorable one. Your first module covers how to properly position your brand for when opportunity strikes.

  • Discover key elements that help you establish impressive first impressions between your brand and your clients.
  • How to perform a personal brand audit so you better understand your messaging and see how clients really view your business.
  • How to be consistent across social platforms and define your social capital to streamline your efforts.
  • 4 impactful hacks that properly position your business so you maintain a consistent air of professionalism.

Module 2 – Messaging

Step back and view your business from your clients eyes, what makes your product or service unique? Why should they buy from you? Your second module dives into clear messaging.

  • How to define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) so potential clients easily see how you fulfil their needs and know what makes you better than than the next brand.
  • Apply the 6-Question Client Interview Process to unveil new business opportunities while strengthening your existing connections.
  • How to devise a short yet potent logline and 30 second commercial so you’re never caught off guard when you’re asked “what do you do?”

Module 3 – LinkedIn Mastery

Fact: LinkedIn is the 12th most visited website online. But statistics show 50% of users complete 50% of their profile. Your third module looks at bold tactics for an eye-grabbing profile.

  • How to create a click worthy profile that showcases your expertise so clients actually want to connect with you.
  • High level invitation and introduction template! Receive two done for you templates to send to new clients. Whether you’re introducing yourself or inviting them on a call, be sure to amplify your response rate.
  • New to LinkedIn? No problem! Your action guide helps you invest your time wisely on the platform so you can focus on managing your team, submitting deliverables or forging memorable connections with clients or partners.

Module 4 – Mindset

As you know, a winning mindset is key to your success. It starts with how you think then how you connect. Doesn’t matter if you’re introvert, extrovert or ambivert because your fourth module helps you identify and utilize your strengths.

  • Learn the art of confidently breaking through your comfort zone even if you’re a new entrepreneur, executive manager or veteran CEO.
  • When you take this quick quiz, you’ll determine if your introvert, extrovert or ambivert. This helps you better understand your strength zone and how to effectively market within it.
  • Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is your mental filter that decides what gets your undivided attention. We’ll sharpen your RAS so you quickly identify resources, vital information and new business opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Plus, you’ll gain even more clarity on your ideal client (which makes you more of an authority in your field).


Module 5 – Visibility

At its core, people do business with people they trust. Your visibility credibility is the amount of trust your business has earned. And your fifth module gives you visibility tactics that fan the flames of influence.

  • How to create strong content strategies that resonate with your market and target their biggest pain points.
  • The art of influential tips and tactics. How to use them to increase your online and offline credibility and visibility fast.

Module 6 – Strategy

Ever left a networking event or coffee meeting and felt like your time was wasted? You’re not alone. As you know, time efficiency is extremely important. Your sixth module focuses on simple strategies that allow time to work with you.

  • Start by Refining Your Business Development Strategy so you know how much time you should invest in acquiring new business leads.
  • Discover new ways to meet potential clients, team members or partners though networking events (yes, I’ll show you how to casually network through sweatworking events too).
  • Learn today’s best practices for analyzing optimal opportunities based on your businesses current goals.
  • Do you like to host meetings online or in person? You’ll receive my personal process to maximize your one-on-one meetings regardless if your at the office, your favorite coffee shop or home.


Module 7 – Opportunity

Ever wonder how some companies gain consistent profits without spending thousands? No, it’s not a result of properly planned excel sheets or stacks of business cards, but rather, their follow up approach to strengthen business to customer connections.Your seventh module gives you clear insight on how to streamline your follow up process to support the nurturing of referral partners and clients.

  • Want to shorten your sales cycle from months to minutes? Find out how to build your referral relationships (business tribe) and seriously slice your sales cycle time.
  • How to create easy to manage follow up processes for all your important connections so you remain efficient and organized.
  • Get my step-by-step process to create collision events which can help you network your business in new ways.
  • Course complete. You’ve finished your 90-day implementation process for continual business growth and you have a solid plan for the next 90 days!


And to Make Sure You’re Truly Supported Every Step of The Way, as a Bonus You Receive:

  • Two Private Coaching Sessions – The same professional guidance clients receive from me. Now you can get your business in front of your market and into the fastlane. ($397 value)
  • FREE copy of Your Connecting Advantage – Your convenient travel sized blueprint by your side anytime, anywhere. ($20 value)
  • Unlimited Access for ONE FULL YEAR – It’s the course that works with you, on your time. That’s why you get complete access for an entire year! Imagine where you’ll be one year from now when you apply the same 7 processes my clients use to grow their sphere of influence everyday. ($1,997 value)
  • Two Live Q and A Calls – Gain extra clarity and advice on any business, framework or networking questions you have. ($297 value)
  • 2 Weeks of Focus – Additional time to move through your action guides and complete networking and business development activities.
  • Built-in Check-ins and Benchmarks to help you stay focused– Receive personal support from myself to make sure you’re taking leaps forward to achieve your business goals.
  • Private Access to the Immediate Influence Mastermind Community – Meet, network and grow your brand with other successful like minded businesses. ($995 Value)

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Check out our FAQ’s here.


Joyce’s content is fresh and relevant to darn near any business.  She has an amazing talent to show you how to position yourself as an authority and approach business development in a new light along with sharing teeny little tweaks you can make to your mindset, all of which will enable your business to blast off to the next level.  As a former coaching client of hers, I highly encourage you to work with Joyce and watch your business soar!

Jill Underwood, Mortgage Banker


Satisfied clients who’ve worked with me remember these two things – results and value. And this complete blueprint unquestionably delivers both.

If for any reason you decided in the first 90 days that this course isn’t working for you, contact me. Show me that you put in the effort to complete your (action guides, clients interviews, meetings, social media posts, 90-day plan, etc.) and you’ll receive a full money refund – no questions asked.


  • Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur preparing for a new venture or wanting to grow your business
  • Professional Service Provider who divides your time between business development and deliverables
  • Business professional who wants to set yourself apart to land the ideal position or move up the corporate ladder

No matter what your role is or industry you’re in, Immediate Influence can help you create and cultivate strategic relationships and long term clients.

Enrollment Is OPEN!

The virtual course opens on March 27th

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Now you have access to all my exclusive shortcuts for effective brand building and network optimization. Yes, the same ones that have helped many driven individuals and teams grow their business in just 90 days.

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