Keynotes, Breakout Sessions & Corporate Events

You may have read an inspirational or motivational book or heard a motivational speaker and become very excited. But within a few weeks or so, you’ve gotten caught up in day to day routines, your enthusiasm begins to fade, and your new found excitement disappears.

Motivation doesn’t last, but experiences do!

Is it possible for keynotes and breakout sessions to provide relevant content that sticks? Yes, when they are designed and delivered for maximum impact!

Your event shouldn’t be a snore. Hearing one keynote speaker may not change the course of your organization – or it might. My fresh approach goes beyond motivational speaking and just telling attendees what to do, instead, I provide the ‘how and why’ it works in the mind. A combination of tactics, science, and real-life examples delivered in Layman’s terms. Attendees walk away with lightbulb moments, practical strategies and the tools they need to create powerful results.

Every audience is unique. Whether it’s a keynote, breakout session, workshop or leadership retreat, I always do my homework to ensure your event is a success. This is about you and your organization getting the results you need and the outcomes you desire. As you read more on the Most Requested Topics page, you will see that I am the ideal speaker to make your event memorable. You can download my program overview here.


Looking for a customized package that combines a keynote speech with a private session for the leadership team?  Or breakout sessions including book copies?  I work directly with each of my clients to design the solutions that work best for them. Contact me to discuss your conference objectives and the best way for us to work together to achieve your goals.

“Our participants were in the Mobility industry, some were direct competitors, they represented many different sub-industries, the attendees were from around the globe and Joyce needed to deliver a message that would resonate with everyone. She came in to our event a day early, intermingled with the attendees, learned a bit more about who we are and then hit a home run! Great message, great delivery, great reviews. You can’t ask for more than that! “

Al Blumenberg

VP Global Partner Relations at NEI Global Relocation

Plan Your Event

If you’ve planned an event before, then you know the challenge of booking a great keynote speaker – one that delivers a great message, connects with the audience and leaves the attendees talking in the most positive of ways. Not a small task. I can help you meet all of those goals – making your job easier and your attendees happy that they came.


Keynotes are just one of the services I provide.  Break-out sessions, workshops, and corporate retreats are also available based on my most requested topics.  Webinars and virtual learning programs are options too.  If you need an emcee or panel host, I can help. Networking and relationship development seems to be hot topic at events, so why not make the most of your happy hour and dinner gatherings? The bonus – I offer a range of fees that meet most budgets.

Getting Into the Details

Once you’ve decided on the format, the next step is to schedule a time to talk about your event goals. I customize each event by taking time to get to know you. It’s helpful to know the ins and outs of your event such as:


  • If you were me, what would you want to know that I couldn’t possibly know about this organization/group/meeting?
  • Do you have a theme for the event?
  • What did you like most about your speaker/speakers last year?
  • And, is there anything previous speakers could have done differently based on the feedback you received?
  • What’s the one key thing you’d like the audience to walk with?
  • How will you measure the success of the program six months from now?
  • Are there any attendees with special needs or considerations? My programs are interactive and I want to make sure everyone feels like they are part of the event.


Getting attendees engaged before the event is easy to do with a 2-minute customized video promoting your event, sponsors and other key points too!  If social media is part of your marketing strategy, then let’s connect and get the conversation rolling. I look forward to talking with you about your event. Contact me today!


“Joyce spoke at the Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel conference. As a member of the program committee, I was impressed by Joyce’s commitment to learning about the financial aid industry prior to her keynote, her desire to research and meet with other individuals to learn about the challenges of the membership and craft her message to provide the most benefit to the audience. It was refreshing to know that Joyce had done her homework and delivered her message flawlessly. ”

Mindy Hager

Senior Manager, Consumer Finance Group at PwC

“I’ve often said that Joyce Layman is the greatest networker in the world. Meet her and you’ll immediately understand why. Read Your Connecting Advantage, and you’ll understand exactly how. Fantastic wisdom from which we can all benefit!” ​
~Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

“Joyce Layman outlines the simple steps you can take to propel yourself to success. Being uncertain about the future and, more importantly, your ability to handle the approaching uncertainties and obstacles is normal. Convincing yourself to take the Leap is not…but it can and should be. Thanks, Joyce for showing us the way!” ​
– Harry Campbell, CEO Durrie Vision, and author of Get-Real Leadership