• The foremost experts declared there was nothing left to find.
  • World events could have permanently derailed your quest.
  • You spent 5+ years of back breaking effort to prove a long-held belief without any results.
  • Your funding source was ready to pull the plug, but you were adamant for one more chance.

I could be speaking of a start-up, but it this was actually Howard Carter’s reality. It paid off in a big way with the discovery of King Tutankkhamun’s tomb. The discovery was just the beginning as it took Carter and his colleagues another ten years to document and clear out the tomb.

Walking through the King Tut exhibit at Kansas City’s Union Station was an eye-opening experience. Not only did I learn about one of the most significant archeological finds in history, I was reminded of the power of relentless determination in pursuing one’s dream. And, the amount of effort to bring it to fruition. How easily do you let obstacles and naysayers take you off course of your goals and dreams? Let them fuel your determination instead.