Work With Me

Is there a specific challenge you’re dealing with or a goal you’re looking to tackle? When I said I’m committed to cutting through the hype and do what matters to help clients achieve their next level in business faster, I meant it. Following are the ways we can work together:


Business Coaching

Are currently leading a team, in business development, career transition, or pursuing the solopreneur route? That’s where an outside perspective can help you gain the clarity you need to produce amazing results quickly and effectively. Whether it’s differentiating you from your competition or creating lucrative strategic relationships, I’ll help you focus on key issues, eliminate distractions and hold you accountable in order to reach your goals. Yes, we get in the weeds together. If networking and business development are your focus then the Immediate Influence Blueprint may be just what you need.

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

With over eight years experience as keynote and breakout session speaker, my programs are known for a-ha moments, highlights of humor and tactical takeaways. More than motivation, my customized approach and message leave audiences with insights and practical strategies they can immediately apply. Check out my Most Requested Topics page to see which program will help you to achieve your event’s goals.

Customized Training Programs

Goals, challenges, and opportunities don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. I create dynamic atmospheres in groups small and large, from company departments to leadership teams and national associations. Through custom-designed, on-site workshops and discussions, we get to the heart of the issues and design immediate action plans. These sessions will leave you energized, engaged and ready to take action. Learn more.

Online Learning

If you’re looking for online learning focused on business growth, then Immediate Influence would be ideal. It’s delivered through a private training platform with built-in accountability for maximum results. Immediate Influence is offered as an ‘open’ course four times a year. Teams can take advantage of the program at any time with a minimum of six participants.

Leadership development, employee engagement, and sales excellence can be achieved with the help of the Performance Mindset Method. The program is offered as a live multi-day workshop as well as in a virtual format for individuals and teams.



If self-study is your preferred method of learning, then consider my books which are in print, on Audible and Kindle too. I’ve poured as much of my knowledge and expertise into them as I possibly could along with tactics and resources. Your Connecting Advantage will help you position yourself for opportunities and make valuable connections that will last a lifetime. You can shift thinking, tackle comfort zones and create a game plan for growth with Just Another Leap.

Looking for a unique package that combines a keynote speech with a private session for executives? Or a series of departmental workshops including book copies? I work directly with each of my clients to design the solutions that work best for them with fees that fit most budgets. Contact me today.

Joyce Layman is all about results… amazing results! Whether it’s an engaging keynote presentation or a dynamic workshop, Joyce helps her audiences clearly understand how their thoughts create, and ultimately determine, the results they want to achieve at work and in life. Her presentations are rich with meaningful and highly unique content. Most important of all, Joyce knows how to motivate everyone who hears her to take action and unleash the incredible power of the mind to achieve true and lasting success.
Dick Bruso

Founder of Heard Above The Noise