Your Connecting Advantage Business Coaching Program

A step-by-step process to help you build, leverage, and sustain your network of valued connections.

  • Are you a professional service provider, producer, consultant, business owners and corporate refugee in transition? 
  • Are you looking to systematically and consistently acquire the right clients and customers?
  • Do you feel like you’re wasting more time at networking events and coffee meetings than you care to mention?
  • Do you feel like you’re investing energy in lots of possibilities that never close?
  • Are you struggling to build a network of valued connections that works for you by consistently referring you business?

Then it’s time to focus on the connecting activities and relationships that will help you reach your goals. Building a network of trusted advisors based on meaningful connections takes time, focus, and a strategy that works. With the right strategy, you can stand out in a sea of vanilla and do more than just make the next sale. You can create Your Connecting Advantage.

If you’re only focused on the number of transactions you close or people you meet, then don’t read any further. If your focus is on building the right relationships for the right reasons, then the Connecting Advantage Program can help.

No matter whether you’re in a business-development or relationship-development role, building and leveraging your network is key to your success, even in a world of social media and technology. At the end of the day, building relationships is still key to building business success.

Even if you’re not selling a product or service, you still have to build trust and sell yourself. Getting referrals by word of mouth and through your trusted relationships dramatically increases your chances of closing business, expanding your opportunities, and making progress toward achieving your revenue goals.

But why start looking for high-quality connections alone when creating a strong alliance of referral relationships opens opportunities for everyone? With the right coach and a focused approach, making new connections can be the most rewarding part of your business. Schedule a call with me to talk about your business goals.

After 23 years of non-productive networking, I was fortunate to meet Joyce at what I had determined to be my last networking event. She asked what results I was getting from my networking efforts…I shared with her that for over two decades it had been a one way street. I had provided quality referrals to many and had received very little in return. She said “I can help you fix the problem and turn your networking into a valuable asset capable of growing your business exponentially.” The fee I paid for her consulting is absolutely the best business development investment I have ever made. My only regret is I didn’t meet her 20 years ago. It is without reservation that I recommend her services to you. Do you and your business a favor…retain her.

Jeff Meyers, ChFC, CASL

Managing Partner, Meyers Wealth Management

By working side-by-side through the Connecting Advantage Program, I’ll help you to develop personalized strategies for clearing these common hurdles to growing your business:

Networking overload:

You know which people you want to connect with but spend too much time at the wrong networking events or coffee meetings with people who take you down a rabbit hole of opportunities you didn’t need to pursue to reach your goals.

Constantly giving but not receiving:

How often do you give referrals but never get anything in return? How often do people say they have great referrals for you but never deliver? The answer does not have to be “More often than I’d like.”

Visibility and credibility:

You’re great at what you do, but too few people know it because your online presence doesn’t do your expertise justice. Or maybe the idea of being a thought-leader in your industry seems great, but you don’t know how to start raising your profile in your industry.

Idea overload:

You have plenty of ideas but don’t know where to start making them into realities. In order to thrive, you need a clear strategy, specific action plan, and accountability.

Your Connecting Advantage Program takes you through a deep dive into a strategy for building your network of meaningful relationships.

After going through Your Connecting Advantage program you will see the following:

  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • The ability to provide great service and increase your business while strengthening client relationships.
  • Expand your center of influence while shortening your sales cycle.

Your Connecting Advantage Program: 3 Steps to a Network That Works for You

The Your Connecting Advantage Program offers you a unique 3-step process for building connections that matter.

Step 1: Review and assess your current connecting strategy
Step 2: Build your online presence and give your professional visibility a face-lift
Step 3: Build and implement new strategies, set long-term goals, and practice making new connections

The Program can help you take the next step to advance your business, become a thought-leader, and create lasting connections. If you’re ready to learn how the Connecting Advantage Program can help you take your relationships and business to the next level, then…

Just in case you need some extra encouragement, here’s what others are saying about this approach to creating your connecting advantage…

In Your Connecting Advantage, Joyce Layman takes the art of genuine relationship building and combines it with the science of strategic connecting. Her book could not have come at a better time for me as I am repurposing my personal brand from the football field to the corporate world. I look forward to incorporating more of her connecting principles and watching my influence grow.

Jon McGraw

Principal at vision Pursue & 10-year veteran of the NFL