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As a business owner, long hours and hard work tend to be the norm. No matter if it’s prospecting for new business, tackling a tough project, keeping up on customer orders and/or client deliverables, you’re investing a lot of effort and continue to do so daily. The dilemma – not having the experience or time to make your online presence shine. Recent statistics show:

  • Individuals visiting your website make a split-second decision about your company’s credibility
  • If your Linkedin profile shows up on the first page of a Google search, it’s just as important as your company’s website
  • 67% of a purchasing decision happens online before someone picks up the phone to contact you

So while you’re focused on making phone calls, sending emails that may or may not get opened, and attending one to many networking events that was a waste of time – people are still searching for you. 


Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business

Today’s digital-savvy prospects expect to see a current website and a strong social media presence when they search for you or your business. They may also be looking for reviews and sourcing by sourcing information from ‘the crowd’. Every business with a clue (and a future) understands that digitally connecting and engaging with clients and potential clients are the modern keys to success. As one who spent a lot of money ($23k) doing the wrong things to build my own business, I understand hesitation around implementing a digital marketing strategy or any new business development strategy for that matter.

The best results happen when you view your sales and digital marketing strategy as a whole or it could be opportunities missed. 

The Layman Collective bridges the gap for businesses who want to grow but don’t want to deal with expensive agencies (or have the budget or bandwith to) by working with a team of resource partners both local and abroad. From story branding to website development, social media marketing, sales funnels, membership offerings and more, we’ve got you covered. The goal is to keep costs low and provide solutions that are an ideal fit for your business. Project management is an added bonus to make the process seamless from start to finish.

Consider us your personal marketing team, but better.

Services That Support Your Growth

Every business is unique – this is why my resource partners and I provide a range of solutions to meet your goals and your budget. 

Personal Branding

Your brand is how you connect with your target audience. That’s what makes it essential. I work individually and with teams to develop executable plans for identifying your brand’s true value, addressing your clients’ needs, and standing out in the crowded digital economy.


Finding a web designer who’s easy to work with and understands how to position businesses and brands for maximum market impact can be nearly impossible. My resource team includes talented designers and full-stack developers who can transform how you interface online with new and future clients.


Platforms and Processes

Being efficient and effective in your business development efforts requires the right CRM and marketing automation platforms. As your consultant, I can review your current platform’s capabilities, find the gaps in the customer journey and implement new processes to help you win more business. 


Social Media

Seize the opportunities that top social-media platforms—LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, among others—offer you to reach your ideal clients. Develop tailored social-media strategies with me as your business coach or as part of my Immediate Influence program.


Need help putting your brand identity into words online or in print? My team of professional writers makes it simple to create a story brand and compelling messaging that gets heard above the noise. 

Lead Generation

If more sales and higher conversion rates are what you’re looking for, my team can create and implement lead-generation strategies that set you apart in the marketplace. No matter if it’s email marketing campaigns, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads, quizzes and surveys or video messaging, we’ve got you covered. 

One of the things that can be frustrating once you’ve made the decision to move forward on a project is to manage all the aspects that come with it. As your consultant and project manager, I take the frustration out of the process by aligning with great resource partners and helping guide you every step of the way.

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