Did you know that LinkedIn is the 12th most searched website on the internet?

LinkedIn has evolved tremendously since it’s launch in December of 2002  but too often, users set up a profile and then visit once in a blue moon. This means missed opportunities.

JD Gershbein was an early adopter and immediately recognized the potential of the platform. As a pioneer in the design and delivery in LinkedIn education, he has established himself as one of the top thought leaders on LinkedIn strategy. JD is a social business psychologist, frequent broadcast media expert on LinkedIn for business, and a featured writer for the Huffington Post and Forbes. He is the only practitioner in the world who combines LinkedIn profile writing, corporate LinkedIn consulting to the Fortune 500 sector, and instruction at the graduate school level at a major academic institution into his value proposition.

In this episode of In Layman’s Terms, JD shares insights to expand your thought leadership, generate leads and advance your business goals.

No matter if you’re a digital resident or just getting started on the platform, you’ll gain valuable information that you can easily apply. JD will tell you, “There are no hacks, you have to do the work,” and it can pay dividends in business!

You can also find this and the rest of the In Layman’s Terms episodes on iTunes andStitcher too.

Be sure to connect with JD on Twitter and of course, LinkedIn, and be sure to send a customized request. If you’d like to read his Huffington Post articles click here. His most recent, In The Wake Of The Deal: Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn.

Let’s connect!

P.S. Stay tuned for episode 15, an interview with Sandra Yancey, Founder of eWomen Network.


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