“When standing in the face of fear, if you stabilize yourself, you can work yourself through problematic situations.” 

Fred Pryor is a renowned speaker, author, and philanthropist. His initial career path took him down the pastoral route. He will tell you the common denominator between a congregation and corporate audience is that if a person has a need and you know how to get in the vicinity of it and activate their thought process, then you can suggest things that will be helpful and they can go back and apply it.

Fred pioneered the one-day seminar business model in 1970 when he recognized the need for companies to provide leadership training to employees that focused on internal drivers like motivation and achievement. Not only did he write the curriculum, he taught the class that generated organizational results. After speaking an average of 225 times a year, Fred expanded his vision to create a professional development business that today has transformed into Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack.

In this episode, Fred shares his wisdom and philosophies on business and life including: 

  • The effectiveness of intuitive thinking and intuitive judgment.
  • Business lessons can come in variety of shapes and sizes, like cattle.
  • How meeting someone’s unmet need can open the door to opportunities.
  • The athlete’s advantage.

You can listen to the episode here.

Fred mentions meeting Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale when they were both speaking for YPO. Click here for Admiral Stockdale’s Amazon.com author page to see all four books he’s written including, A Vietnam Experience.

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Stay tuned for episode 21 – Crystal Knows with tech startup founder Drew D’Agostino.

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