In today’s world it takes a lot to stand out from the rest of the ‘noise’ on the internet to engage potential customers and clients.

Have you ever taken an online quiz? If so, there’s a possibility Interact was the platform used to create it. Interact’s platform provides you the opportunity to create quizzes, assessments, giveaways and Facebook live polls. To date, Interact has worked with brands like Starbucks, The United Nations, Home Depot, World Wildlife’s Fund and many more. They’ve helped organizations around the world generate more than 4 million new email subscribers.

Why do subscribers matter? EiCollege generates $1,500,000 every year in new student registrations using a quiz. The Foundation sells digital courses and was using an ebook as a lead magnet for running Facebook ads. They turned that ebook into an interactive quiz using Interact and instantly their lead generation cost was cut in half.

Another great example is Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The hospital gained 31,000 new email subscribers after their quiz called “Which Therapy Dog Are You” was shared on Facebook and went viral.

Firmex posted this article “10 Brain Teaser Questions from Investment Banking Job Interviews” for their assessment. I’m in the midst of creating my own based on networking.

In this episode, you’re going to hear Interact’s co-founder, Josh Haynam, share entrepreneur insights on growing a company from the ground up as well as the how to’s for content marketing, engagement and landing new customers and clients. No matter if you’re a solopreneur, small business owner or leader in a company you’ll gain valuable insights.

Listen to the episode here. (direct download)

Be sure to connect with Josh on LinkedIn. As for Interact, you can learn more about the platform here.

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