“You’ve got to have guts.”

Cameron Bishop has extensive experience building, buying, and running companies. For over 30 years, he has led companies owned by a broad range of international, regional and institutional private equity. Over the course of his career, he’s managed a workforce of nearly 2000 employees located in cities across the U.S. and several foreign countries. Cam’s background also includes experience in management consulting, and he was an interim CEO for a multi-billion dollar private company. Most recently he combined his expertise in business and passion for fitness to launch Muscle Metrics; a company focused on body composition testing with the Bod Pod.

In this episode, Cam shares his leadership and business insights you can apply no matter your industry or role. 

As you will hear in the podcast, he decided to start Muscle Metrics in addition to the work he does at Capitus Group. His mobile Bod Pod (body composition measurement unit) is one of five in the country.  According to the website, it is regularly used to test professional and Division 1 college athlete who play football, basketball and more. Even Sumo wrestlers have tested in the Bod Pod. If you live in Kansas City and want to accurately benchmark and track body composition changes, check out the Muscle Metrics event schedule.

Cam has been the focus of articles in a variety of publications including the NY Times, Kansas City Business Journal and Ingrams. He’s also been quoted or published in six books.

He provides leadership insights in a blog called Head Noise: Perspective and Tales from the Executive Suite. One of the posts he mentioned in the interview is 8 Reasons Why it is so [email protected]*# Hard to Buy a Business. You can read the full post here. He turned his blog into a book but you cannot find it on Amazon or another publishing outlet (at least for now) so you will have to contact Cam for a copy.

To learn more and continue the conversation with Cam, be sure to connect with him on social media LinkedIn, Facebook. You can find Muscle Metrics on their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

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