David Patrick learned first-hand from brilliant marketers like McDonald’s, P&G, LG Electronics, General Motors, Miller Lite, Kellogg, and Burger King to name a few. He worked his way up through the ranks and has served as a COO, CMO for companies like Beauty Brands and Westlake Hardware. David looked beyond marketing to connect a vision to a strategy to an action plan; aligning the Why, What, and How.

Now as the Founder of High Performance Retail Marketing Group, David builds strategies that drive brands, businesses, leadership teams, and companies. As an adjunct professor, he also teaches future builders of marketing, business strategy, and entrepreneurship in the MBA programs at the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas.

“There’s an easy way to tell if your marketing lacks purpose. It just doesn’t work.”

In this ‘how to’ episode, David shares insider strategies to grow your business through effective marketing. Of course, there is bonus adds too.

Listen to the episode below.


The two types of clients David focuses on are retail businesses and agency and professional service groups. For more information on how he can help your business grow, visit his website at www.hprmg.com or drop him a line at [email protected] Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn too.

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Stay tuned for episode 39 – Small Changes, Big Shifts.

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