How does one go from successful entrepreneur with a real estate business employing 100 people, through bankruptcy, to being known as the Coach’s Coach with clients around the globe and a podcast with 400 episodes (and 1000 new subscribers a month)? Marc Mawhinney shares that and more on Episode 4 – Inside the Coaching Jungle.

After becoming a coach, Marc saw struggles other coaches were facing and decided to do something about it. He launched the Natural Born Coaches daily podcast.  He frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor to For those wanting to work with Marc 1-on-1 or in a group setting, he offers his Accelerate For Clients program. Be sure to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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Now for the VALUE ADDS:

Powerful quote from the Go-Giver: “Money is an echo of value; it’s the thunder to value’s lightning.”

A must read by Chin-Ning Chu: Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life

Marketing insights from #1 Best-selling author, Robert Coorey: Feed A Starving Crowd (free eBook).

See you on Episode 5 – Get Real Leadership with CEO and author, Harry S. Campbell!


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