Never being afraid to ask is one of the secrets to Kyu Lee’s success.

Kyu is the founder and CEO of Wiselike, the ‘ask me anything’ platform.  He’s considered a rising star in the tech community and his company is one of Huff Post’s top 10 to watch in 2016. Hard to believe considering that just a few years ago he was in college at UCLA without the knowledge or network to raise millions in venture capital funding and build a rock solid team. In this episode, Kyu shares key steps to take and pitfalls to avoid on an entrepreneurial startup journey. Of course we cover the ‘oh shit’ moments, ways to make the ask, and more. Wiselike has a presence in over 30 countries which means Kyu’s vision of changing the world is well underway.

Listen to the episode below or download it on iTunes

Be sure to grab your own experts page on Wiselike. While there, you can find Kyu’s profile and ask him questions. The two ‘experts’ he said to be sure and follow are Chopped Jr. champion – Mason Partakand Harvard law professor, Larry Lessig.

As for rest of the social platforms, you can connect with Kyu on Twitter at @kyudlee. If you reach out on LinkedIn, be sure to send Kyu a customized invitation to connect.

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