“From simplicity comes generosity.”

Angel Morales will tell you pushing comfort zones is a must in business no matter what role you are in even if you are introvert. As the head of C3 International, a division within C3, Angel has developed and maintained client relationships in 25 countries including Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

Angel’s multi-language and multi-cultural skills along with his experience and expertise in international marketing have made him a sought-after consultant for those who seek to achieve success with advertising and marketing programs targeted at families and children. His team drives traffic, increases kids’ meal sales and helps enhance brand awareness for their clients. Between C3 and C3 International, they sell an average of 150 million kids toys each year and are considered one of the biggest if not the biggest importer of Crayons in the U.S.

His next entrepreneurial venture (also his oh sh!t moment) started with the idea to make the ideal wallet for himself. After extensive research, he created and manufactured one carbon fiber wallet. Others noticed it and asked him to make them one too. As you’ll hear, one turned to hundreds and Tailwag was formed. Tailwag now does carbon fiber fabrication and product development worldwide.

In this episode of In Layman’s Terms, Angel shares insights on:

  • The best business opportunities can result in the least likely ways.
  • How your interactions in another culture can make or break a business relationship.
  • The benefit of your company’s brand and your philosophy being intertwined.

You can listen to the episode here:


When I asked Angel what listeners could do to add value to his business, he responded, “Pass it on.”

You can learn more about C3 International on their website. The latest offering from Tailwag is carbon fiber sunglasses. Of course, if you need a one-off carbon fiber part, they can help with that as well. Be sure to connect with Angel on LinkedIn. You can also find him on Instagram @tailwag and Facebook too. While there, be sure to follow the Tailwag Facebook page too..

When it comes to giving back, Shadow Buddies is at the top of the list for C3 International. Since 1995, The Shadow Buddies Foundation has been bringing smiles, hope, and companionship to medically challenged children across the country and around the world in the form of cuddly, plush Buddies. You can learn more about Shadow Buddies here.

On a side note, you’ll hear in the interview, we can’t resist talking cars.

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Stay tuned for episode 27 Conbody, an interview with inmate turned CEO, Coss Marte.

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