Do not ever forget that everything starts with your people. ~Harry S. Campbell

What do you get when you combine a strong track record of success over 30+ years leading organizations of 5 to 3,500 employees, including two Fortune 500 companies and an internet startup, with a servant’s heart? Harry S. Campbell.

Harry didn’t get to top on his own. It took mentors, including Sam Walton, and putting his team first. In this episode you’ll gain insights to create an operating philosophy, expand your network, and pivot in business and life. Buckle up, Harry is inspiring and just fun to hang with!

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Be sure to visit Harry’s website for more information on his background, books and speaking engagements. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, take advantage of it! Yes, he admits to being a little wild on stage. Maybe it was his college years at Indiana University or channeling a little of Bobby Knight on the basketball court.

Get Real Leadership and the soon to be published, Get Real Culture, can be found on

You can follow Harry on Twitter at @HarrySCampbell.

Harry’s other passion is raising awareness and giving back to honor his wife, Kris, and her fight against brain cancer. Visit Head for A Cure to learn more or even get involved.

Stay tuned for Episode 6!

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