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...Level Up Your Business With Conscious Action

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want more growth in my business but I don’t know HOW to make it happen? Let’s face it. You wouldn’t be here if you were 100% satisfied with how things were going.

From the first moment I met Joyce, I knew there was something electric about her.  Her content is fresh and relevant to darn near any business.  Joyce has an amazing talent to show you how to position yourself as an authority and approach business development in a new light. She will also show you little tweaks you can make to your mindset which will enable your business to blast off to the next level.  I highly encourage you to work with Joyce and watch your business soar! 

Jill Underwood  //  Senior Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage

You have the goals, the determination, and solid outbound prospecting and inbound marketing plan, right?  But what do you do with all of these pieces?  The right ingredients don’t spell success any more than oil, eggs and flour make a cake…without the right process.

If you feel like you’ve been treading water over your never ending to do list or fighting an uphill battle to find new prospects in today's social selling environment. Stop.  It doesn’t have to be so exhausting.  Hard work, yes.  But you should not be left feeling defeated and drained at the end of every day.

It’s time to take conscious, purposeful steps in the right direction.

Growing your business seems like it should be the simplest thing in the world, right?

All you have to do is:

  • Go to some networking events…
  • Share some content on Facebook to build your brand…
  • Launch a responsive website that keeps visitors engaged…
  • Send a few requests to people on LinkedIn to build your network.....
  • Create and implement processess to streamline your efforts...
  • Devote time to delivering the work/services that you are paid to do...

That's the short list. And there are SO many wrong ways to go about all of the above that can cost you time and money.  

It’s time to think differently and break down those barriers to business growth.

THIS is why Immediate Influence was created.

This is a step-by-step program that provides the strategy, tactics, processes and accountability you need in order to increase your influence and grow your business through the power of relationship based selling. You’ll also gain insights on the same performance mindset tactics high achievers use to drive success in all aspects of their lives.

INTRODUCING: Immediate Influence Academy

By investing yourself in this program you will gain access to:

  • Everything I’ve learned optimizing my own brand and helping other professional service providers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs boost their revenue by building trustworthy relationships with new and existing clients
  • My tried-and-true social selling blueprint you can follow to get in front of the right people, streamline your processes and make your first, hundredth or thousandth sale even if you are new to this role.
  • Lifetime access to the virtual training vault packed with strategies, tactics, and technology hacks you can’t learn from any book or armchair expert, but only from people who got their hands dirty and spent years building their business.
  • Practical tools and strategies that will help you understand how you think, and how your thoughts impact your actions. You will learn how to master subconscious habits so you can break out of the comfort zones that can keep you stuck and begin to consciously build your business.
  • Do the work and your results will be powerful and profitable.

  • A Few Months From Now, You Will Look at Your Business Growth Chart and Realize That THIS Is the Moment the Line Started Going UP

Ready to Make the First Step Towards It?

Here’s Exactly What You Are Going to Get in the Academy

★ Immediate Influence Blueprint

Immediate Influence Blueprint has 7 modules - each providing you with powerful step-by-step action guides (21 total), video shorts and tools to strategically grow your brand, clientele, relationships, and business. These 7 modules are the same proven framework I take my private coaching clients through. 

      ✓ Positioning

      ✓ Messaging

      ✓ LinkedIn Leverage

      ✓ Mindset

      ✓ Visibility

      ✓ Strategy

      ✓ Opportunity

These 7 modules alone will give you the tools you need to grow your business your way on your own time - without awkward sales and complicated marketing efforts.  

For those super detail-oriented types, you can find out EVERYTHING the Immediate Influence modules include by clicking the button below.

The Influence Academy Also Includes:

★ Kolbe

Have you ever told yourself that you work best under pressure, you hate rigid systems (like using a CRM), or love a messy desk all the while thinking these are part of your personality that you beat yourself up about?

Your self-talk about some of these qualities is very unhealthy - and moreover, completely unproductive. Because it turns out that every single one of these qualities is actually part of your unique modus operandi that makes you, YOU. 

There's a part of your brain you're probably not all that familiar with. it's your CONATIVE brain. Learning my instinctive strengths was like unlocking a superpower for business. The other benefit is knowing how better to support clients by understanding their strengths and this is why the Kolbe is now a part of the Immediate Influence Academy.

★ Monthly Training + Q & A Sessions

Private coaching clients know the value that accountablity provides so I'm now offering it as part of the Immediate Influence Academy. Each month we will take a deeper dive into the program content and business processes along with covering different aspects of performance mindset. Why mindset? Because one of the biggest obstacles you'll face in business (and life) is the 4" between your ears.

No course or coaching program is a quick fix. Your business might look different a year from now, you could also be offering a different service or working in a different niche. Monthly training + Q&A sessions will help you at every phase of your business.

The Q&A sessions will also give you time to get your questions answered and learn from other business professionals. Think of it like small group coaching that keeps you motivated because growth in your business takes effort. The sessions are recorded so you can access them any time. 

★ One:One Strategy Sessions

Ever wish getting new clients was as easy as hanging a virtual "open for business" sign and they come running? While the content and skillset you'll learn are evergreen, each person has their own unique goals and challenges.

✓ To make sure you hit the ground running, when you sign up for the Academy GROWTH plan, you will receive a welcome email with a link to schedule a 30-minute onboarding call to review the program and answer any initial questions.

✓ After two months, you'll schedule your first 45-minute strategy session where the focus is 100% on what you need at that time. Some clients choose to work through specifics of their social selling strategy, email campaigns, sales funnels, etc. while others want a 'business therapy' session based on what's happening in their business and personal life. 

✓ Once you complete the course work (you choose the pace), we will schedule a final strategy session to make sure you have a solid plan to continue your business growth.  

✓ ACCELERATORS receive the inital onboarding session plus hour long strategy sessions each month. 

To Recap, the Immediate Influence Academy Includes:
(+ Bonuses Worth Over $2000)

The complete course has 7 modules - each providing you with powerful step-by-step action guides, video shorts and tools. Estimated time to complete is 14+ hours. ($997 value)

This program is not finished. On the contrary, it’s just getting started.  

I plan to keep updating it with every new tool, technique or technology hack I discover in the future - and I want you to have all that without any extra cost. ($1,397 value)

The Kolbe comes with a 16-page printable report detailing your action modes, how to maximize your time and energy in your business and communicate in all relationships. There is also an online report that walks you through your unique results and provides a summary for quick reference. ($57 value)

Each month we will take a deeper dive into the program content along with covering different aspects of performance mindset.  ($897 value)

These three sessions are designed to help you maximize the program, develop an action plan to help you stay focused on your highest priority goals that provide the biggest ROI in your business. ($397 value). Accelerator's receive an onboarding session + monthly strategy sessions. 

Along with monthly training + Q&A sessions, I will personally be available during virtual office hours to review any aspect of your sales and marketing strategies to help you get better results. ($697 value)

You have access to a private community with like-minded professionals to help keep you motivated and on-track. The bonus - you can bring all of your sales and client related questions here along with your accomplishments. It's like having access to 24x7 office hours. ($297 value)

Finally, you will get a copy of my book - ‘Your Connecting Advantage’. It is a convenient, travel-sized guide that you can have by your side anytime, anywhere. 
($20 value)

Here’s What Clients Had to Say…

The best business investment I ever made

I highly recommend Joyce’s process to anyone interested in growing their business. The fee I paid is absolutely the best business investment I have ever made. My only regret is I didn’t meet her 20 years ago. Do you and your business a favor…go through the course.

Jeff Meyers,  ChFC, CASL  //  Managing Partner, Myers Wealth Management

Joyce made an immediate impact on my career

Working with Joyce has had an immediate impact on my career development and trajectory. Joyce’s process is easy to follow and implement for someone who is a busy professional and she has a library of resources and planning devices that assist you each step of the way. Her insights, guidance, and support have assisted me in finding new client opportunities as well as growing existing relationships all while increasing my personal brand and achieving my goals.

Katie Lord //  Vice President Non-Profit Development at Proof Positioning


You’ve Been Waiting for ‘Something’ to Finally Create That Big Breakthrough in Your Business/Career, Right?


And right now, you have only two options really:

You can admit to yourself that what you’ve been doing so far doesn't work like you'd hoped and finally acquire the skill set that will earn you more clients, opportunities, and money than any marketing technique or advertising platform ever will…

Or you can let the fear of change keep you from realizing your true potential. The fear that makes you believe that ‘you can grow your business without this’ and continue using processes and a mindset that’s not moving the needle.

It’s up to you.

If you’re ready to make some powerful, purposeful changes it all starts with one click.

Right here…

What's the Catch?

I want you to achieve actual results, which won’t happen overnight. This is not a quick fix. If you are going to join the Immediate Influence Academy, you will commit to a 12-month timeframe.

Having full access to the digital training vault and community for life means there are no refunds. This program is for business professionals who know they need support and are serious about getting it, but are not at the point where investing in a $5,000 private coaching program is accessible.  If that’s not you, thanks for reading and best of luck in your endeavors.

Remember: You Are Always One Good Investment Away From Taking Your Business to a Different Level

The Question Is: Do you know a good investment when you see one?



117.00 a mo. x 12 months

  • Complete program ($997)
  • Kolbe assessment
  • Onboarding + 2 Strategy sessions
  • Monthly training + Q&A
  • Virtual office hours
  • Influence community
  • Copy of JAL book

Will you ever raise your rates to this program?

Yes, I will likely be raising the price of this program to $179 a month at some point in the future. The price will never go above that. But, once you sign up for the Growth or Accelearator plan, you are grandfathered in at your current rate even if you decide to stay past the first year. A suggestion - get in while you can for only $119 a month and take advantage of all the trainings, additions to the digital vault and connections to other professionals in the community.


7 out of every 10 business professionals reading this will like the idea, but still decide to “think about it”.  Almost all of them will never come back to this page and miss the opportunity to accelerate their business.

Life will get in the way…

Fear will kick in…

Comfort zone will do its thing…

And they will stay exactly where they are at right now.


You owe this to yourself.

Make your decision NOW:

Either close this page and forget that you saw it.

Or close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take the leap.

After all, that’s how all the greatest accomplishments of mankind started.

So, What's It Going to Be?

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