The greatest obstacle you’ll ever face is the four inches between your ears.

Negativity bias is a tendency for your brain to focus more on the negatives than the positives because it’s been hardwired into our systems for 120,000+ years. The problem – you’re on subconscious autopilot over 95% of the time and may not recognize you just went down the negativity bias rabbit hole. I’ve been studying and facilitating these concepts for 15+ years and got caught up in negativity bias BIG TIME on Friday night so we’re all susceptible.

Why does negativity bias matter for companies? If you’re leading a team, the watercooler conversation (now it’s remote watercooler conversation) can affect individuals and impact organizational performance.

The video below will give you tips to recognize and shift negativity bias to creative thinking and improve productivity.

The mental ‘tools’ I mentioned are”

Mel Robbins, the 5-Second Rule. You can read the blog post on her website or watch a five-minute video clip here.

Dr. Lee Bartell presented Music as Medicine: Sound At A Celular Level at TEDxCottonwood. Watch the video here.

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