If you’ve ever felt like your brain was in conflict with itself the good news – you’re not crazy!

As a business owner you’re doing all the things so why is it some goals are easy to achieve, and you find yourself creatively avoiding others. This is where understanding how your brain – specifically your amygdala can work against you.

I posted a 60-second reel on Instagram sharing a science-backed way to achieve your goals and to date, it’s gotten over 5900 views. In this podcast, I’ll be sharing 5 powerful pointers to develop a mindset that will open you to bigger possibilities and potential profits

Here are some of the things I talk about in episode 2

  • How your amygdala can keep you from achieving your goals
  • A quick tip to stop catastrophizing, doubt, and complaining
  • Why you want to take imperfect action
  • How to flip the script on your self talk
  • An easy way to shift back to your pre-frontal cortex when your amygdala takes over

…and more.

I’d love to hear what your ah-ha’s were from this episode. Send me a message through the site or find me on Instagram and DM me or tag me in your stories!

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