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What if the biggest obstacle to growing your business is outdated methods of finding clients and key business partners? The internet has changed everything when it comes to business development.

  • Do you use social selling strategies to your advantage?
  • Do you have the right CRM to help you market your message and manage your relationships more efficiently and effectively?
  • Are you consistently building referral and resource partner relationships to help you shorten your sales cycles?
  • Do you put focused effort into the activities that will increase your brand and company’s visibility on a weekly basis?

If you are missing any of the above, then maybe it’s time to adopt a different philosophy and a different approach to growing your business.

How I Can Help

Business Development Coaching & Consulting

Ideal clients are motivated to make real progress and make it fast. They want to cut out as much as the learning curve as possible and look to a coach to guide the way. My private clients span multiple industries but have one thing in common: they want laser focus, accountability, and results. If you are someone who thrives on individual attention or needs particular help with a specific business challenge, private coaching may be right for you and your team.

My breadth of experience in every aspect of business helps me see what others miss and provide solutions that create success. That’s what I did for a call-center team, helping them increase their closing rate from 54% to 70%—and we didn’t even talk about sales.

It’s what I did as the acting COO assisting with the turnaround on a unique development project. And that’s just the start of the success stories. I’ve been called a “business therapist” because I’ve got a knack for helping you get an edge over your competition, multiply and retain your client base, and use today’s social selling landscape to your greatest advantage. This is done through a proven framework that combines both outbound prospecting + inbound marketing strategies and tactics.


I’m not your typical business coach … I get my hands dirty.

I’ll be your all-in-one strategist, cheerleader and a consistent and qualified second set of eyes to:

  • Define your ideal clients – who you best serve & benefits from the most from your services.
  • Identify what differentiates you from your competition to create core messaging
  • Enhance your brand and expand your visibility to build an influencer reputation.
  • Design and streamline in-bound marketing systems that produce a higher ROI.
  • Create a solid business development plan for today’s social selling world
  • Provide fierce accountability to outsource what’s not getting done so you can focus on your high payoff activities.

Professional service providers, business owners, solopreneurs and even teams can benefit from private coaching. Due to the hands-on nature of my framework, I work with a select group to ensure you get the one:one support you need.


Services that Support Your Goals

There are times small business owners and solopreneurs need a boost to their brand, website and social media presence – and in some cases, a complete makeover. The Layman Collective, my digital agency side, has a team of resource partners to help make that happen.

Looking for effective + affordable digital marketing solutions? Learn more on my digital agency page. 

The Connectors Academy

Thriving in today’s ever-changing competitive environment and social selling landscape requires a different approach to how you do business. For individuals and teams who want to focus on developing their brand and business, the Connectors Academy provides all the opportunity you’re looking for.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building my own brand, network, and business from the ground up along with the proven framework I use with my private coaching and consulting clients and have channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step on-demand program that provides the strategy, tactics, and accountability you need in order to increase your influence and grow your business through the power of your network.

The Connectors Academy was created for individuals and teams who want to accelerate business growth. Drop us a line to get on the list when we open the doors again.

Private Coaching Framework

Step 1


Properly position your personal brand so that you’re ready for your next opportunity.

Step 2


Define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for your ideal clients using their words. Create authority and credibility through consistent messaging across social platforms

Step 3


Achieving your next level in business starts with how you think then builds on how you connect.

Step 4


Put a new spin on networking and business development that’s efficient, purposeful, and gets results.

Step 5


Shorten your sales cycle, and simplify your process for following up with important connections.

Ready to Get Started?

One of the best ways to improve your strategy and grow your business is to gain an external perspective.

Would you like to…?

Would you like to...

turn your relationships into opportunities?

In today's social selling landscape you need to know how to find new opportunities, build new connections and leverage your existing relationships into profitable referral partnerships. Contact me to find out how.