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Looking for insights that can advance your business, brand, and network? I know that goals, challenges, and opportunities don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. How much longer are you willing to wait for solutions to the whole range of sales, branding, and networking challenges facing your team or company?

Setting yourself apart from your competition in the digital economy isn’t a burden—it’s your best opportunity. You don’t have to become a marketing expert to spotlight your value. I’m here to help you and your team leverage the tools and mindset that leading companies use to open doors, build powerful networks, and multiply profits.


Work With Me

Don’t miss your next opportunity to be an influencer.  Whether you’re a professional services provider, C-suite executive, solopreneur, leader in your company, or (future) thought leader—and no matter what your next business goal is—I have the insights that you need.  All you have to do is choose which option is right for you!

Keynote Speaking

Captivating stories, paired with practical insights that challenge assumptions and make your event one to remember.

Business Coaching

Helping small business owners, professional service providers, and sales teams discover a fresh approach to business development in a social selling world.

Customized Training

Strategies and tactics for setting yourself apart from your competition in the digital economy.

Don't Keep Your Goals Waiting

Client Testimonials

Working with Joyce has had an immediate impact on my career development and trajectory. Joyce’s process is easy to follow and implement for someone who is a busy professional and she has a library of resources and planning devices that assist you each step of the way. Her insights, guidance, and support have assisted me in finding new client opportunities as well as growing existing relationships all while increasing my personal brand and achieving my goals.

Katie Lord

Vice President, Byrne Pelofsky + Associates

After 23 years of non-productive networking, I was fortunate to meet Joyce at what I had determined to be my last networking event. She asked what results I was getting from my efforts. I shared with her that for over two decades, I had provided quality referrals to many and had received very little in return. She said, “I can help you fix the problem and turn your networking into a valuable asset capable of growing your business exponentially.” The fee I paid for her consulting is absolutely the best business development investment I have ever made. My only regret is I didn’t meet her 20 years ago. It is without reservation that I recommend her services to you. Do you and your business a favor…retain her.

Jeff Myers, ChFC, CASL

Managing Partner, Myers Wealth Management

Our participants were in the Mobility industry, some were direct competitors, they represented many different sub-industries, the attendees were from around the globe and Joyce needed to deliver a message that would resonate with everyone. She came in to our event a day early, intermingled with the attendees, learned a bit more about who we are and then hit a home run! Great message, great delivery, great reviews. You can’t ask for more than that!

Al Blumenberg

VP Global Partner Relations, NEI Global Relocation

Insights at Your Fingertips

Ever wonder how you can always be in the right place at the right time? In the digital age, networking has been transformed—in ways that you can easily use to your advantage. Discover a refreshing transforming “networking” into connecting—with likeminded people, with opportunities, and with a better business mindset.

Everything that you know today was once completely unknown to you. How did you make progress? By taking one step after the other. If you want to reach those bigger goals, you have to learn to leap. This book gives you practical, hands-on guidance for letting go of fear, embracing possibilities, and landing gracefully no matter what the circumstances.

Your Connecting Advantage and Just Another Leap are available on Amazon

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