Hello and welcome!

Former wallflower in the world of business networking…

Used to shake physically if you put a microphone in my hand…

I believe that when you change your thoughts, you can change your life. I’ve experienced the transformation and have worked for years to help others do the same.

It starts with how you think and builds on how you connect.

My ‘official titles’ are an ‘all in one’ visibility coach, author, and TEDx speaker. Having launched my current business during the last recession and with over 25 years of varied business experience, I learned how to purposefully pivot to capitalize on trends and have seen—and experienced first-hand—the power of connection and its ability to transform lives and compel people to action in a way that propels their brand and business forward. Because mindset comes into play whenever you push a comfort zone (and it seems those often happen in business these days), I love supporting individuals and organizations to help them change their way of thinking through the science of mindset combined with a solid strategy to achieve bolder goals.

Clients have ranged from solopreneurs to CEOs and companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. The pandemic hit, and with that, my client focus shifted to working with service-based business owners. It felt like I was building my business from the ground up (again), and I loved experiencing the opportunities the online world provided for those willing to take imperfect action.

I knew I could help others like me; what they needed was an all-in-one program. Not a onesie/ two-sie DIY product, but an…ALL IN ONE SOLUTION. So, I built the Incubator to inspire, educate, and transform! It’s time to get better results with far less mental drama and confusion. 

I’m on a mission to help impact-driven coaches like you grow your business online while saving money, time, and your sanity. Let’s talk to see where you are, where you want to be, and how to make it happen.

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How I Spend My Days

I’m often working because I love what I do and I can work from anywhere. But when I take a break from supporting my clients, you’ll find me re-fueling (no pun intended) at a coffee shop, walking in the woods and trails behind my house (picking up trash)…..at track weekends driving my Mustang GT on road courses going full out (a combination of adrenaline and pure joy)….. or spending time with my boyfriend and our sweet cat, Gabby. 

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