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Did you find me through a podcast guest spot, a recent bundle, a micro audio summit, social media, or a YouTube video and want to see all the things? You’ve come to the right place!

I know how frustrating it can be to search for that one elusive link and I’m all about simple so this page will make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here, you’ll find every freebie, course, program, and service (plus the link to my keynote, training and retreat page if you’re looking for a speaker). Happy browsing!

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Ultimate Lead Magnet Formula (free)

Why bet your entire biz on social media? Build your #1 business asset with the Ultimate Lead Magnet Formula.

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Visibility Playbook (free)

If you’re ready to be seen and heard in an overcrowded online world, grab the Visibility Playbook for 5 essential steps to put yourself in front of your ideal audience with confidence. 

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Live Video Checklist (free)


…Boost your VISIBILITY, expand AUTHORITY and ATTRACT clients online

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Favorite Online Toolkit Picks

Stuck in tech pverwhelm? These platforms are my favorites because they take the heavy lifting out of growing your business online.

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Visibility Kickstart Club Membership ($7/mo)

Amplify your online presence, leverage strategic collaborations, and attract your ideal clients – even if you have a small following or haven’t created a coaching offer yet.

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GIF Yourself Toolkit ($9)

The GIF Yourself Toolkit is a power-packed mini training series and digital asset bundle that will help you create binge-able evergreen content that has your followers saying “How did you do that?!”

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AI Avatar Revolution ($17)

Ever feel like you’re playing a guessing game with your client’s needs, leading you to daydream about that second cup of coffee or choosing to reorganize your office instead?

Welcome to ‘Client Avatar Revolution’: Where AI Meets Deep Client Insights – say goodbye to Guesswork and hello to ‘eureka’ moments!

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Visibility Builders Society Membership ($27/mo)

Are you struggling to build your email list and don’t want to rely on social media? 

If you crave deeper insightsthrive on additional support and accountability….and want the comprehensive approach (and time savings)that an AI-enhanced program provides, then…

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Lead Magnet Accelerator Kit ($27)

This AI-enhanced step-by-step process will help you create a lead magnet, landing page copy, and email series in record time so you can build an email list of fans who connect with your unique message and can’t wait to work with you

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Drive Planning System ($37)

The Drive Planning System is a power-packed training series and digital asset bundle that will help you kick procrastination to the curb so you can set and achieve bolder goals.

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Strategy Call ($399)

Getting 1:1 support can mean the difference between staying stuck and having the breakthrough you deserve. The good news is…support doesn’t have to consist of a long-term coaching contract or a four-figure program.

Many business owners are too close to their own challenges to see what they need to do next to move the needle in their business. The specific things that allow you to:

  • Stop banging your head against the wall, trying to push through the same challenges but getting nowhere.
  • Eliminate your blind spots and mental blocks to achieve your goals faster.
  • Confidently make the important decision that you need to make at this moment.

If you are anything like my other clients, you’ll be surprised how much we can accomplish together quickly with a single session.

Half-Day Intensive ($997)


It’s not about showing up; it’s about knowing what to do when you’re there. One of the biggest wins I help get my clients to is…doing the damn thing.

Through this 3-hour laser-focused, results-oriented, Zoom session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and:

☑️Clarify your niche and their needs

☑️Clarify your content strategy

☑️Clarify your offer, price + bonuses

Most importantly, we will clarify your unique message so we can optimize your online presence – together.

Incubator Growth Program ($997)

The Incubator Growth program includes the Brands that Sell Blueprint, Power of 3 Offer Formula, Content to Connections Marketing Map, and the Savvy & Simple Systems Structure so you can create a rinse-and-repeat strategy to grow your business online.

You’ll also get access to monthly AI-powered content creation sessions, monthly mastermind sessions, and additional support in our implementation hub. With the power of AI and custom GPTs, you can streamline your processes and get more done in less time.

The Visibility Incubator is for you if you want a scalable strategy to increase your visibility and get more clients…without relying on social media!

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1:1 Done With You Coaching

Spent way too much time attempting to combine different marketing strategies, complicated sales funnels, CRMs, and lead generation techniques to grow your business online with little to show for it?

If you have gotten to the place where you want additional support and customized advice for your business AND a mindset to move forward, then 1:1 ‘done with you’ coaching may be a fit.

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Keynotes, Training & Retreat Options

In each customized program, I combine humor and storytelling with compelling data about the “Why?” behind our thoughts and actions, helping your audience understand their business, their brand, their customers, and themselves more clearly. No matter which topic you choose, attendees will expand their mindset to challenge assumptions. They will leave with actionable tactics for themselves and their teams, along with a clear idea of what’s next and how to get there.

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This page was inspired by Lizzy Goddard. Want to create something like this for your website? Check out her blog post, You Need An Everything Page.

If you’re exhausted from the constant hustle, feeling like you have to do everything, you’re not alone. Stop focusing on dumb sh!t and focus on the things that matter.

Would you like to…?

Would you like to...

turn your relationships into opportunities?

In today's social selling landscape you need to know how to find new opportunities, build new connections and leverage your existing relationships into profitable referral partnerships. Contact me to find out how.