Free Content Audit

Found a 10-min window in your schedule? You whip the phone out, take a quick pic, write a caption, copy and paste your hashtags from yesterday and press share.

Even though posting in record time feels like quite the achievement, you feel a little disappointed and the guilt sets in.

Because just two Mondays ago, you swore to sit down and plan your month’s content to avoid scenarios exactly like this one.

What if I told you that you don’t have to run like a hamster on a wheel?

If you want me to check on your social media content to see what you could do to be able to attract and convert your prospective clients I might just have something.

Here is how my FREE content audit works:

Step 1: You fill out a short questionnaire and provide links to your top social media profile and website

Step 2: I will then carefully analyze your profiles – review images, content, links, etc. – and point out the mistakes that are keeping you from attracting your target audience.

3. Finally, I will personally reach out to you, share my screen and show you exactly what elements you need to change in order to maximize your content game. On top of that, I will also send you a Simple Social Media Content Plan.


Application Form

The form will take 1-2 minutes to complete and includes three very important questions for your audit. Once you filled out the form you’ll receive an email acknowledging your application and if you’re accepted, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (except on weekends & holidays) to discuss the audit with you.

Why Am I Doing This for Free?

I had two options: To hire a professional marketer to craft a long sales letter and try to persuade you into hiring me. Or to show you that I can help you… By actually helping you. For free. It was an easy choice. Simply, if you are happy with the results you get and you decide that you want to keep working with me – I will be glad to share more info about what support will look like. If it looks like your business isn’t the best fit for our support options, we’ll send you a free resource that will get you going in the right direction. Fair enough?

Generate More Leads & Get More Clients

Grab it for FREE! 30 Irresistible Lead Magnets Your Audience Will Actually Want To Sign Up For + a Canva template to create your own!

Would you like to…?

Would you like to...

turn your relationships into opportunities?

In today's social selling landscape you need to know how to find new opportunities, build new connections and leverage your existing relationships into profitable referral partnerships. Contact me to find out how.