Building a great brand is the best way to make a connection with your target audience, build a relationship, earn their trust, and ultimately turn them into paying clients.

It’s an essential piece of the puzzle if you want your business to stand out but far too many coaches miss this important step before building their business online.

In this blog, I’m sharing 5 important things you NEED to know to build a client attracting brand (and the tips to put them into action)

When you think of a brand is a logo the first thing that comes to mind? It may be when you are just starting your business but a client attracting brand is so much more than a logo. It starts with…

TIP #1:

The brand is the personality and the feeling of what a company (meaning you) is. A strong brand is created by what your business stands for, your vision, purpose, and the values you live by.

BENEFIT: When you position your brand’s values clearly, it creates a way for ideal clients to identify with you. It’s about finding and highlighting those shared beliefs which will make your target audience want to stand with your brand (or not!).

TIP #2:

Get clear about your brand voice, this is what creates emotion and helps customers identify with the brand. The right tone of voice will build relationships and give your target audience a clear idea of how your brand makes them feel.

QUESTION: Ask yourself what values you actually want to infuse into the vision of your business. When you show up in person (and online) for your audience, how do you want to show up?

TIP #3:

The biggest thing you must do is to figure out who your target audience actually is. A lot of coaches build their business from their perspective, but your business is not about you, it’s about your audience.

NEXT STEP: Create an avatar that represents your ideal client. Get into the mind of that person and understand who they are, how they live, what they are like (these are psychographics). Get clear on their fears, doubts, worries, beliefs and dreams, the problems, and the challenges they face. When you do the work to discover who they are it makes it easier to find out how you can connect with that person.

TIP #4:

Now it’s time to get clarity around their biggest challenges and their goals. Doing the research will help you to fine-tune your message on your website, landing pages and social media content. It will also help you to create a lead magnet (freebie) which gives you the opportunity to provide a quick SOLID win.

ACTION: Write down the three pain points you think your ideal client struggles with the most. Post a poll on social to get feedback on which one your audience wants the most help with and create a lead magnet around that.

TIP #5:

Remember, having a unique message that differentiates you from everyone else in your niche requires you to show up and stand for something specific and distinct. What is your secret sauce that turns typical into unique?

QUESTION: If you’re not sure take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle. On one side write the word experiences and on the other side, expertise. While others may share similar expertise, your experiences will help you see what makes you unique. It also helps you to attract others who share similar experiences and are looking for a coach to guide the way.

I hope you find these brand tips useful, and I can’t wait to see the success that building an amazing brand will help you achieve!

Oh and…

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