Attracting clients online requires getting visible on social media and nurturing your email list. You know you should be using calls to action in your social media posts, emails, and videos but you’re not sure why or how. Without CTAs, your content is just shouting into the online void. You’re limiting your results because you’re not giving people a clear next step. Here’s the how and why to create powerful calls to action without feeling icky.

The prompt for this blog came about last week when I was reading a prospective client’s newsletter. She wrote an email that told a story in such a way that even I wanted to hire her! But…she didn’t include a call to action for her readers and that’s means opportunities missed. This is the same advice I gave her. Add a call to action to everything. Every post, every email, every video. The good news – calls to action don’t need to be complicated or feel icky.

Your CTA can…

  • Be as simple as an ask to like, comment, or reply on a post
  • Be to related content
  • Be related to a video to increase engagement when you are live – “comment below and let me know where you are watching from, post #(fill in the blank) below
  • Be a paid thing like your course or 1:1 coaching offers
  • Be a free thing like your lead magnet or a workshop

The key is to get your audience used to taking ACTION.

You may think this should happen automatically but it doesn’t, so help your readers out. As mentioned above a CTA can be as simple as an ask to like, comment, or reply. When you’re directing someone to a paid offer, writing a transition with an invitation (instead of a direct request) will help you to keep from feeling ‘icky’.

>> Direct example: “Get my course today to (solve a problem).” Direct is not bad. It’s just some people prefer to not be so direct.

>> An example of an invitation is: “If you’d like my help, I invite you to check out my course.”

This simple hack of adding a CTA to everything will grow your impact and your revenue.

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