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The key is to leverage what successful professional service providers—and their companies—already know: you must devote time, energy, and financial resources to training and development.

But it can’t just be any training and development program.

Any program—whether it’s a private workshop for your company or one-to-one coaching—needs to be tailored and customized to fit your clients and your business. A cookie-cutter approach to training your employees—your company’s most crucial point of contact with your clients—and your business development just won’t do.

Whether your company needs foundational elements or advanced training, I can provide highly effective content that results in immediate benefits and, more importantly, that sticks for the long term.


The Association for Talent Development has some surprising data to share. When companies offer training programs for their employees, they see 218% higher income per employee compared with companies that don’t offer formalized training. And they also enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who offer fewer training options for employees.

Customized Training for Your Group

Professional-Service Providers

You trained for years for a career in your field—whether you’re in law, accounting, financial services, engineering, architecture, or another area of professional service. But if business development doesn’t come naturally to you, then your practice can’t flourish. I can customize engaging, practical trainings for your firm, team, MasterMind group, or professional association that shift mindsets and help you grow the business of your professional practice.

Sales Teams

Even the best sales teams—whether they comprise 3 or 300 sales staff—need fresh ideas, especially as sales models continue to shift in the social and digital marketplace. My customized trainings can transform how your sales staff approach every step of the sales process—with a focus on the steps that have provided your business with the greatest challenges—and help you improve service and sales simultaneously.

Don’t put higher profits on hold. Invest in essential, customized training for your employees.

Joyce’s enthusiasm and unbound energy made our LinkedIn training more effective than I had thought it would be.  Our accountants and professionals came to the three-part training session with different levels of experience using the LinkedIn platform. Joyce created a safe environment for learning where everyone was encouraged to participate and to learn. She took a potentially overwhelming platform and put it into bite-sized pieces that allowed our staff and shareholders to enjoy using LinkedIn, rather than dreading it. And we’re going to have her back for more training.

Kristin Wing

Marketing Program Manager, Mize Houser & Company P.A.

Popular Programs


Is your organization well connected and thriving or stagnating and struggling? Learn the concepts, strategies, and techniques outlined in my second book, Your Connecting Advantage, so that you and your team can identify your network blind spots and create an actionable plan for making lucrative connections and long-lasting relationships that will pay dividends far into the future.


Today, most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, but few of them use it effectively, if at all. But as the 12th most searched website on the internet, LinkedIn is a valuable career tool. Through real-world stories combined with practical strategies, you will learn about your LinkedIn profile’s “must-haves,” how to research and make the right connections on the platform, and how to leverage LinkedIn to attract other professionals for connection opportunities. You will also gain tactics to maximize what you get from the platform in just minutes a day and increase your SSI score—an important asset, even if you aren’t in sales.



Today’s sales model is shifting. Savvy buyers want sales professionals who focus on customer advocacy, loyalty, and engagement before, during, and after the sale. This business-development program transforms your team’s sales strategy so that they stand out from your competition and deliver highly personalized, relevant, and meaningful sales experiences for buyers. The result: a sales approach aligned to the new customer-led era of sales.



Find out why 70% of all change initiatives fail and how you can avoid that fate. This program—based on decades of research in cognitive science and high achievement—goes beyond “positive thinking” and gives you the practical insights you need for implementing change, converting change resistance into assistance, and fixing residual culture problems that hold you back from top performance.

Delivery Methods


Customized 1–3 hour, half-day, and full-day sessions that meet your organization’s specific needs.  Popular delivery platforms for: LinkedIn Know How, Creating a Connecting Advantage and Performance Mindset Method.

Best for: Groups of 5–100 people.


Learn with me live or on-demand.  Includes options for sharing with teams and follow-up support.  Popular delivery platform for: Creating a Connecting Advantage and Performance Mindset Method.

Best for: Teams of any size.


Self-led, interactive learning, along with course-branded bonus materials, built-in accountability checks, and a complimentary copy of Your Connecting Advantage. One year of course access.

Best for: Individual executives, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs and sales and marketing teams of any size.

Each program is customized to focus on the attendees’ training objectives. Existing program topics can also be combined to meet your needs. Deepen the training experience by adding the Immediate Influence on-demand course or private and group coaching options to your training.

Joyce is a pleasure to work with. She has been instrumental in helping our organization navigate through change. Joyce is an excellent listener and is genuine in helping our organization. She is passionate about her work and she creates energy in the room. I admire her high-quality work and she continuously adds value to our organization.

Chad Wilkins

Former Executive Director & President, Resource Center for Independent Living

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