If you’re like me, then you’re frustrated trying to keep up with the constant changes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You feel like no matter what you do it’s not good enough and your social media algorithm has been treating you like an ex from a bad breakup. This blog will show you how to get your social media game back on track so that your posts are seen by the people who really want them!

You think it’s all about the algorithms

“What?” Yeah, I said it; you can’t blame Facebook or Instagram if people don’t like what you post because the people don’t like what you post. You might be wondering how the algorithm is even smart enough to know that you’re not posting enough relevant content or that you’re using hashtags properly. No matter what you do it won’t make a difference if people are not seeing your posts in the first place.

More than likes (vanity metrics), you’re looking for comments and shares on what you post. So stop obsessing over your algorithm and make it work for you by making sure you’re posting the RIGHT content for your target audience.

It’s not about them, it’s about you

Let’s get straight to it, you’re not posting engaging content. If everyone is asking “what the heck” did they just watch or read then you know your content needs a little work. So before you start worrying about the algorithm being all up in your business think about how what you post makes other people feel.

  • Is it aligned to meet your target audience where they are at in their business?
  • Does your content add value, answer questions, inspire, and motivate them to want more?
  • Do you include clear calls to action (CTAs) so your target audience understands how they can further the relationship?

If you’re not sure how to make compelling content, start by thinking about the core topics you would want to see if they came through your social feed. Consider your offers and how you can drip tidbits of value that also highlight your expertise.

Compelling content is never achieved without a little trial and error so do your research, develop a content strategy, post consistently and tweak as needed.

Social media won’t crawl back no matter how much you hope

“But I’m doing all of these things!” If that’s true then awesome, but there might be some other reason why you’re not getting the results you want. After reading this you might think you’d be better off breaking up with social media because odds are it will come crawling back to you in a few days with some lame excuse. While that works on rare occasions in the dating world, it never works on social.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your social media relationship is healthy and satisfying for both you and your followers.

  • Be consistent and post consistently; it has to happen frequently enough for the people who want to see it in order for them to be able to connect with you. You can’t expect magic if you aren’t willing to put the work in first.
  • If you really want to grow your followers then take the time to truly engage with them by being helpful and providing answers when they reach out or ask questions by commenting on their posts.

The good news is that you’re in control of how your relationship with social media goes! Stop worrying about your algorithm and focus on building a relationship with your target audience instead. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get yourself some social media followers! Otherwise, it’s probably time to break up and move on…

P.S. If you’d like a jump start on your social media content plan, grab my Simple Content Calendar HERE.

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