October’s rolled around, and it’s dawning on us all: the year-end is practically knocking on our doors. As business owners, there’s that all-too-familiar pang of “Yikes, it’s Q4 already!” The final stretch can be a frantic race against the calendar, trying to realize those big goals set at the start of the year.

It’s that slight panic setting in, right? The year started strong with lofty aspirations. But now, as the leaves change and days shorten, it feels like time’s sprinting. There’s a mental scramble to ensure those visions turn into realities.

Enter the mantra: “Act Your Wage.” This isn’t about money; it’s about matching your ambition and effort. Dave Ramsey coined it in the financial context, but here’s a fresh spin: as we approach the year-end, it’s high time to reflect, adjust, and charge forward with all guns blazing.

Remember starting 2023 with some seriously grand visions? If you’re anything like me, January feels like ages ago. And between you, me, and that half-drunk pumpkin spice latte on your desk, October has a way of sneaking in those “Oh snap, did I do enough?” moments.

But let’s park the panic for a second. “Acting your wage” isn’t about splurging on that latest tech gadget or co-working space. It’s about mind hustle. You’ve set a ‘mental wage’ for yourself at the start of the year—a level of ambition and achievement you aim for.

Here’s the kicker: Our brains are a bit sneaky. They have this ‘comfort zone’ default setting. Setting out-of-this-world goals can sometimes short-circuit our subconscious into a game of mental tug-of-war. Ever found yourself thinking, “That’s a cool idea, but there’s no way I can pull that off”? Yep, been there, done that, and got the self-doubt t-shirt.

But guess what? That mindset’s old news. I’ve had my share of “Can I really do that?” moments. And each time, it took a good ol’ mindset shakeup to level up. From nervously stuttering on stage to confidently sharing ideas on a TEDx platform. From once doubting my writing prowess to smashing out books. And trust me, each win wasn’t a solo journey; it was all about surrounding myself with the right tribe.

So, as the year winds down, I challenge you. What’s holding you back? Is it really the market, the competitors, or just a need to “act your wage” mentally?

The grandmaster Confucius dropped this gem: “When you can’t reach your goals, don’t downsize ‘em; change your game plan.”

Here’s your October action plan:

  • Dream Big, But Plan Bigger: Goals are awesome, but actionable plans? Pure gold.
  • Gather Your Tribe: Success isn’t a solo gig. Collaborate, learn, and grow with the best.
  • Embrace the Unfamiliar: Growth happens at the edge of discomfort. Dive deep.

With Q4 already here, it’s time to buckle up, step on the gas, and show 2023 who’s boss.

Ready to smash those goals? Jump into our Drive Planning System. Let’s turn those aspirations into accomplishments, one action step at a time.

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