Remember 2020? Like so many, I adapted, and in doing so, I stumbled upon something brilliant: the All the Things Page™.

So, What is the All the Things Page™, Anyway? It’s a dedicated page on your site displaying all your free and paid offers. Think of it as a buffet for your audience.


Why an All the Things Page?

  • Curiosity is in my DNA. Testing new strategies is just how I roll.
  • Always on the lookout for ways to serve my audience better.
  • While my website’s design is solid, a thorough click-through won’t unveil everything I offer. The All the Things page changes that.
  • I haven’t ditched traditional funnels completely; they have their place, especially when spotlighting specific offers. But why not have a space where everything shines?
  • Authenticity is key. Let’s lay all the cards on the table so visitors can pick their hand.

Building Your All the Things Page

Step 1: Create a list of your free and paid offers. (a helpful exercise to see your offer stack)

  • Detail each offer with the following:
    • A clear name (e.g., checklist, webinar, guide)
    • (Optional) Visual appeal with a photo
    • A brief description that you use on the landing page or website description
    • (Optional) Price tag
    • A call to action with a link for more details

Step 2: Organize them by relevance, category, or simply separate freebies from paid content.

Promoting Your Page

  • Include it in your site’s main menu. Maybe as a ‘Start Here’?
  • Feature the link on social media bios.
  • Make it part of your email signature.
  • Frequent mentions in newsletters.
  • Share it when showcasing the breadth of your expertise.

Pro Tips

  • Keep the URL straightforward.
  • I recommend putting your freebies at the top of the page, especially if you have a lot of different things. If someone is new to your site/world, then your priority is getting them on your list. This way, you can contact them in future: to nurture and to sell.
  • If you’re regularly creating new free and/or paid offers, set a recurring monthly task to ensure your All the Things Page™ is current and includes everything.
  • It’s totally fine to link to offers that aren’t currently on sale, so long as you have a waitlist form. You can get a sense of demand for something when people can see that it exists but they can’t currently buy it and want to!


Differentiating From Other Pages

Navigating the online world can feel like wandering through a digital maze, especially when you’re new to it. It’s vital to understand the distinct purpose of each page on a website. Let me break down how the All the Things page stands apart from some of the other common pages you might encounter or consider creating:

Work With Me Page: This is typically your sales zone. It showcases only your paid offers, allowing potential clients to understand the depth and breadth of your premium services. Think of it as your virtual storefront for everything with a price tag.

Start Here Page: Ever walked into a party and felt lost? This page is your friendly host guiding you. It’s designed to reduce that initial “lost” feeling visitors might have when landing on a site for the first time. It highlights a curated selection of offers and content, steering visitors gently into your digital world.

Resources Page: Think of this as your go-to toolkit. It’s a mix of additional recommended tools or platforms. This page acts as a guide, pointing visitors to tools or services that can benefit them, whether they’re directly from you or external sources you trust.

Single Landing Page: This is your spotlight. It hones in on one particular offer, be it a freebie or a premium service, with zero distractions. It’s laser-focused, designed to provide visitors with everything they need to know about that one specific offer. It’s especially powerful for promotions or when you want to drive action on a particular product or service.

Overwhelm or Opportunity?

While some marketers advocate a single CTA, I believe in empowering our audiences. They’re smart, discerning, and can navigate a well-structured page.

For those new to your world, an All the Things page is a goldmine, introducing them to your expertise and rich resources.

Here’s mine…


Will this page transform your business? Only one way to find out: Give it a go.


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