It’s not always easy to get dream clients, even if you’ve put in all the work to build your business. You could spend hours posting on every social network, or hiring a PR team for months and still not see any results. But what if there was a way to get more clients without spending money on paid ads or dealing with pesky algorithms?

Watch the video training and be sure to read the show notes to get six quick tips you can put to work now to grow your brand and get more clients.

Wouldn’t it be great if the only thing you had to do to attract dream clients is to post on social media? In an overcrowded online world, this should be an important part of your visibility strategy but not the only thing you are doing.

Share Valuable Content

If you want to find dream clients start by sharing valuable content on your social platforms that speak to their biggest challenges. Don’t just post what you think they want to hear. Do your research so you can be strategic with content in the four phases of awareness. Be real, show vulnerability and authenticity. This will attract them like a magnet because it creates CONNECTION.

Don’t bombard your prospects with sales offers or ads for you services – instead give them the information they’re looking for in easy to digest portions (quick tips, blog posts, lead magnets or even a free workshop)

Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to get dream clients is by asking for referrals. If you’ve done a great job with a current client, ask them to refer you to others they know who are dealing with similar challenges. Make this easy by providing guidance about how you want the introduction to be made. Make sure you follow up to let them know how the introduction is progressing. If you are so inclined, you can also offer incentives for referrals, such as a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or a complimentary strategy session. 

Guest Podcast or Blog

Will Rogers definition of an expert: “An expert is a man 50 miles from home with a briefcase.” My first taste of this was when my primary marketing and revenue outlet was keynote speaking. I was paid well by companies and conference organizers in other states but at home, it was sometimes difficult to talk a chamber into bringing me in to speak at their luncheons at a significantly reduced fee despite being a two-time author and subject matter expert.

Good news – you don’t have to do keynotes to get dream clients. Guest podcasting or blogging for a relevant site in your niche can help to increase your visibility because it exposes you to a wider audience, who may be interested in what you have to offer. In addition, it gives people the opportunity to get a glimpse into your personality and expertise.

Make sure the host uses an introduction and call to action that you provide so you can be sure to capitalize on this visibility opportunity.

Network Offline

This tip is so often missed and for the last two years, for good reason. Now that the world is opening up if you’re serious about growing your brand and getting more dream clients, you need to get out there and start networking. Attend events, meetups, and conferences in your industry. Get involved in local groups and Chambers of Commerce. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities will come from it.

TIP: Introverts will be happy to know you can start networking via social media in advance of attending a live event to spark a conversation. This way when you go to the event you’ll have someone you already know to speak with. Just make sure you don’t spend the entire event at their side.

Leverage Your Superpowers

We all have superpowers or unique talents and skills that set us apart from the competition. When you’re looking for dream clients, make sure you’re leveraging your superpowers. Whether it’s your ability to connect with people, your vast knowledge in a certain subject, or your natural sales skills – use them to your advantage.

We tend to discount our superpowers but when you truly focus on what sets you apart from your competition and clarify it in your messaging, it can attract clients who resonate with you.

Create an Opt-in Freebie

A powerful way to attract dream clients is by creating an opt-in freebie and share it on social channels and your website (including a related blog post). Your freebie could be a downloadable checklist, template, video or worksheet that helps people address a specific need in their life or work. Make sure you provide a solid quick win (SO IMPORTANT)!

When creating a freebie remember 3 things:

  1. All too often I see ‘lead magnets’ that are simply a PDFs with tips that anyone can find via Google search. Make your lead magnet unique by including your superpower secret sauce.
  2. Be sure to include your contact information with social and website links on the lead magnet itself.
  3. Ideally, you should have this as a download so that you can capture their contact information so you can continue to nurture the relationship.

Make a Plan

To really grow your brand and get more clients, make a plan that focuses on the following:

  • What your target audience wants and needs
  • How you want to reach them online and in-person (social media, email marketing, etc.)
  • What tactics you’ll use to get your message across

If you implement the tips in this post, you’ll find it much easier to gain new clients without having to worry about paid advertising or algorithms. 

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