You’ve probably heard that strategic connections can skyrocket your coaching business. But…it can be tough to break through the noise and make worthwhile connections. Everyone is busy; sometimes, knowing who the best connections are for YOUR business is hard.

The SECRET is this video. In it, you’ll learn how to make powerful connections that will help your business grow…even if you’re an introvert. You’ll learn how to find the right people, create opportunities, and build relationships that matter. And the most powerful strategy that even seasoned coaches can miss.

You’ve probably heard that strategic connections can skyrocket your coaching business. But…it can be tough to break through the noise and make worthwhile connections. Everyone is busy; sometimes, knowing who the best connections are for YOUR business is hard. As a former wallflower in the world of business networking, I get you!

The Importance of Connections

First, let’s talk about why connections are so crucial for your business. Building relationships with the right people can lead to more clients, higher revenue, and opportunities for collaborations that can help you grow as an online coach. The secret – you have to create them!

So let’s break it down into 3 strategies and the tips to put them into action!

Strategy 1: Finding the Right People

So, how do you find the right people to connect with? Here are three ways:

1. Identify your ideal collaboration partners: Think about who shares your values, has a complementary skillset, and serves a similar audience. It’s important to be in the mindset of collaboration instead of competition because there are more than enough opportunities when you align with your ideal collaborative partners!

2. Research online communities: Using keyword research, find Facebook groups, forums, and LinkedIn groups where your ideal partners might be hanging out. If it’s an active group, join and then engage in conversations, answer questions and ONLY showcase your expertise when asked or it could be viewed as a salesy approach.

3. Attend events: Your options include virtual or in-person networking events, meetups and even conferences are great places to meet potential partners. Do research in advance to ensure your ideal collaboration partners network with these organizations, or it will be time wasted. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions.

Strategy #2: Creating Opportunities

Now that you’ve found the right people, how do you create opportunities for collaboration? Here are some ideas:

1. Offer value first: My friend Bob Burg who wrote The Go-Giver and Endless Referrals, taught me the value-first approach. If you haven’t heard of it, think about how you can help your potential partner instead of asking for something. This could be sharing their content, offering feedback, or providing a helpful resource.

Practice active listening. When engaging with potential partners, listen more than you speak. This will help you understand their needs and goals. Ask questions to find out how this can be a win/win opportunity.

2. Pitch a collaboration idea: It can be as simple as adding a collaborator to an Instagram post. You could also propose a mutually beneficial collaboration, like co-hosting a live video interview in a FB group, or take it a step further and co-host a workshop.

If you want to take it a step further, audio summits and bundles are a great way to do this. The last two take a solid plan and a lot of time to be executed well, so I suggest starting simple and looking for opportunities to participate in them first!

3. Follow up: After your initial interaction, keep the conversation going.

Check-in periodically, share relevant information, and genuinely engage with their content. Also, track every relationship and conversation. This is so important, but it’s amazing how many forget to do this and let opportunities fall through the cracks!

Strategy #3: Building Relationships That Matter

To build lasting and valuable connections, keep these tips in mind:

1. Be genuine and authentic: People can sense when you’re only interested in what they can do for you. Show genuine interest in their work and be open to learning from them. Ask a lot of questions before you suggest any collaboration to ensure it’s a win-win for both of you!

2.Be consistent and persistent: Building relationships takes time, so don’t give up after one or two interactions. Keep engaging with your potential partners and look for opportunities to collaborate.

3. Follow-Up: As your network grows, make an effort to stay in touch with your connections. As mentioned, engage on their content, share their posts, celebrate their successes, and offer support when needed.


Leverage online platforms: Use social media to research your best opportunities. Once you know who you want to chat with you can use private messaging to reach out and build relationships. This allows you to control the pace and think about your responses.

Focus on quality over quantity: Instead of trying to connect with everyone, choose a few key individuals and invest time in building deep, meaningful relationships.

The fortune is in the FOLLOW-UP!

There you have it, the secret to making valuable connections for your online coaching business! Remember to find the right people, create opportunities for collaboration, and build relationships that matter.

Be genuine, authentic, and persistent, and you’ll see your network and opportunities grow!

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