Is it possible to be visible online without constantly posting on social media? Many coaches face this challenge, but don’t worry – I’ve got a solution!

In this video, I’ll share seven proven strategies to boost your business without social media overwhelm.

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Getting visible is a must, but if you don’t want to put your face on social media, or if you’re just not feeling confident about what to create for your specific audience, here 7 ways to be visible without the social media grind.

The first two focus on relevancy types of content (kind of like Netflix because you can search for and find exactly what you want and binge on it too!)

Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

First up is using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, lead magnet, socials, and offers. Pinterest is an amazing platform for online coaches because it functions more like a search engine than a traditional social media site. This means that people are actively searching for solutions to their problems, which is where you come in! By creating visually appealing pins that lead to your content, you can attract a steady stream of visitors without having to be constantly active on the platform.

PROTIP: You can repurpose your short form content to be used as idea pins.

Create Searchable YouTube Videos

Another great option is to create searchable YouTube videos to attract the people you can best serve. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, meaning people are actively searching for content like yours! By creating videos that are optimized for search (think: keywords, titles, and descriptions), you can attract your ideal audience without having to be constantly visible on social media.

Update Your Blog Regularly

Don’t underestimate the power of a good blog! Updating your blog regularly with content that your target audience wants to read is another great way to be visible without relying on social media. Focus on creating high-quality, long-form content that answers your audience’s most pressing questions, and you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

To improve the quality of content on your website for search engine optimization purposes, you should refer to the EAT principle: Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT). It is the concept that Google uses as part of its guide when evaluating websites and is something that businesses must be aware of when developing web content.

PROTIP: You can repurpose your blog into all types of content and I’ll share more on that at the end.

Write on Medium to Reach a New Engaged Audience

Next up, consider writing on Medium. Medium is a platform where people go to read high-quality articles on a variety of topics. By publishing your content there, you have the opportunity to reach a new, engaged audience who might not have found you otherwise. This can help you expand your reach and establish yourself as an expert in your niche without constantly posting on social media. Plus, the more people who read and engage with your articles, the more visibility your content will get on the platform.

Be a Guest Expert

One of the best ways to tap into brand-new audiences is by being a guest expert. This can include interviews, speaking opportunities, guest blog posts, or participating in bundles with other creators. By sharing your expertise with someone else’s audience, you’re not only gaining visibility for yourself, but you’re also providing valuable content for their audience. It’s a win-win situation!

If you want my go-to resource for summit and bundle opportunities, send me a message and I’ll send it your way.


Launch a Podcast

Launching a podcast is another fantastic way to build trust with your community without being tied to social media. Podcasts are a great platform for sharing your knowledge and connecting with your audience more personally. Plus, once you’ve established your podcast, you can invite guests from your industry, which adds value for your listeners and helps you build relationships with other experts.

Grow Your Email List and Nurture Connections on Autopilot

Last but certainly not least, focus on growing your email list and nurturing those connections on autopilot. By providing valuable content through regularly emailing your subscribers, you can stay in touch with your audience and maintain visibility without constantly being present on social media.

To grow your email list, offer a lead magnet that your target audience will find valuable, like a free guide or checklist. This encourages them to sign up for your newsletter and stay connected with you.

Once you have subscribers on your list, set up an email automation sequence that introduces them to your brand, shares more about your coaching services, and provides helpful content. This way, even when you’re not actively sending out emails, your audience is still receiving valuable information and getting to know you better.

In addition to your automated sequence, make sure to send regular updates with new content, promotions, or industry news. This helps keep your audience engaged and aware of your offerings. Maintaining a consistent email presence will build trust and establish yourself as an expert without the constant pressure of social media posting.

Alright, let’s recap.

Here are 7 proven ways to be visible without constantly posting on social media:

1 – Use Pinterest to drive traffic

2 – Create searchable YouTube videos

3 – Update Your Blog Regularly – consider the EAT principle expertise/authority/trust

4 – Write on Medium to Reach a New Engaged Audience (your blog)

5 – Be a Guest Expert – podcast, summits, bundles, speaking opportunities

6 – Launch a Podcast (more effort but worth it when done right!)

7 – Grow your email list and nurture connections on autopilot

Now that we’ve covered these strategies, I also want to share a few additional tips to help you stay consistent and make the most of your efforts.

Tip 1: Create a Content Calendar

First, create a content calendar. This will help you plan your content in advance, ensuring you have a steady stream of high-quality material to share with your audience. By planning ahead, you’ll save time and reduce the pressure to constantly develop new ideas.

Tip 2: Repurpose Your Content

Next, get into the habit of repurposing your content. For example, if you’ve written a blog post, consider turning it into a YouTube video or a podcast episode, social posts and short-form videos too. This will save you time and effort and help you reach a wider audience by catering to different content preferences.

So there you have it – 7 ways to be visible without constantly posting on social media, along with some extra tips to help you stay consistent and make the most of your efforts.

Remember, being visible online doesn’t have to mean spending all your time on social media.

I suggest picking two methods and two platforms and being consistent to create a strong online presence with valuable content.

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