When it comes to generating revenue in your business, you can create numerous offers – from workshops to micro-offers, masterminds, group programs of various lengths and your signature offer to name a few.If you are in the place where you’re saying to yourself: “I want to add VIP Days to my coaching offers, but I don’t know what my current clients will say and if future clients will be ‘for it’…” or “I don’t know where to find clients who would need this service…” you are NOT ALONE.

TRUTH: There are clients everywhere who need VIP Days.

In today’s day and age, everyone knows the value of time and the importance of working smarter, not harder. Driven individuals want to get more done in less time.

They don’t want to invest their time in something that doesn’t yield a high return.

They know the importance of focus.

They know accountability and a solid plan of action will get results faster.

And they are a business owner, they know the only way for them to grow is by delegating out what they’re good or okay at to someone GREAT at it. Someone who can do it in WAY less time.

And that someone is you.

Flesh Out Your VIP Day Offer by Answering These Questions:

What do you know and understand inside and out and can do in your sleep?

  • Simple
  • Easy to delivery
  • Well priced

What is the result you will get?

  • Where you are currently at in your business
  • One line value statement “I help _____ do ______ so they can (result)”

Who is the person you’re going to help?

  • You when you first got started (since you most likely had the transformation you help clients with)
  • Identify 3 main pain points of this person
  • Identify 3 main desires of this person
  • Design attributes
  • Purpose: when they post on social, they have things to talk about

Once you have your VIP offer fleshed out, then it’s time to create your landing page and email series so you can promote it.

Implement These Pro Tips to Help Promote Your VIP Day

Be sure your social media profiles include your VIP Day/website info front and center in the bio section, so when they click over to check you out, they’ll know how to take the next step!

The more specific and niched your offer, the more likely people will be to refer you! Learn how to increase your authority and create your category of ONE.

So, where can you find those driven individuals? Those clients who need your support and will love VIP Days as much as you?

Here are 4 Places to Find VIP Clients

Your Email List
Announcing your VIP Day to your email list is a great way to update your subscribers on your offers. You can even provide an exclusive discount for anyone who schedules their day within a limited timeframe. If you want to further segment this, customize one email for past clients and one for your general list. Your past clients already know the value they received, so offering a VIP Day gives them the opportunity to work through a new challenge.

Facebook Groups
I know, I know…. But hear me out. For every niche, collection of people, industry, geographical location and interest, there is a Facebook Group. And inside of those groups, there are tons of people needing (and searching for) your support and services. Do a quick FB search for your key terms, and then click on “groups” to see what pops up. Join a group that looks interesting, introduce yourself (tell them what you do, but don’t be salesy), be helpful and engage.

Have a specific industry you are wanting to work with? Or a specific type of brand? There are so many business owners on LinkedIn, who need all types of help (including yours). Create your LinkedIn profile (be sure to include everything they need to know about your services), and search the key terms of the industry you want to work with. Find those people, engage with them, and see where the conversation goes!

Humans are natural-born connectors, and we all follow or know someone who might need your service! Once you start sharing what you’re doing on social media and making a conscious effort to engage and connect with people, you will be shocked by the amount of people who will refer you when they see someone who needs your expertise. It’s time to use your level of connection to your advantage and maximize your creative impact.

So there you have it! The steps necessary to create your own VIP offer and three great places to find clients. But before you put this advice into action, let me leave you with one final pro tip. No matter how good your VIP offer is, if no one knows about it, you’re not going to make any sales. So be sure to promote your offer in all of your marketing materials—blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, and more.

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