You’ve got this incredible coaching offer (or you may have two), but it feels like it’s not attracting the right clients. So how do you make your offer names stand out in a sea of online sameness?  Good news – crafting offer titles is not hard. With the right formula, you’ll be creating your own masterpiece series.

This video shares how to brainstorm names for your Power of 3 Offer Formula.

The show notes are below.

Before we dive in, let’s chat about why we use the term ‘naming convention’ with coaching offers. Think of it like this: your offers are dots, and naming conventions are the lines that connect them.

Each offer hands your client a win but then goes, “Hey, there’s another challenge!” The names keep your clients engaged and lead them from one offer to the next as you help them achieve their transformation.

Now for the good stuff: giving memorable names to your Free Lead Magnet, Low-Priced Offer, and Premium Coaching Offer. This is what I call your ‘Power of 3 Offer Formula.’

Why 3? This was a lesson I learned when sending keynote proposals back in 2009. If you only have one offer, then it’s yes or no. When you have three, your ideal client can choose what’s best for them where they are at right now in their biz or life and their budget.

Here’s the naming formula:

Step One – Define Your Secret Sauce: What’s the best thing about your offers? Is it helping people make money or maybe organizing their life? Improving relationships?

Step Two – Know Your Crowd: Who are you talking to? Are they professionals, are they moms…..this is why doing research in advance of creating an offer is so important.

Step Three – Alliteration: Make your names easy on the ears and easy to remember

Step Four – Problem Solver: Your offer fixes something and provides a transformation, so make that loud and clear in the name.

Step Five – Test the Waters: Share your names with your business tribe to get feedback.

Let’s put this in action with two examples:

Example One: You’ve got an Instagram growth guide, a course on Instagram for business, and a personalized social media program.

Naming Convention 1:

  • Lead Magnet: “InstaGrow Guide”
  • Low-priced Offer: “InstaGrow Accelerator”
  • Premium Coaching: “Social Media Mastermind”

Example Two: You’ve got a fitness planner, a muscle-building video series, and a personalized fitness program.

Host: Naming Convention 2:

  • Lead Magnet: “FitTrack Planner”
  • Low-priced Offer: “FitTrack Series”
  • Premium Coaching: “Total Body Bootcamp

You now know that your offers are like chapters in a book. They’re part of a bigger picture where each name is a stepping stone to the next.

You’ve also learned the 5-step formula to win at naming:

First, you pinpointed what’s unique about your offers. Then, you got inside your ideal client’s head and used some catchy alliteration to make your offers memorable. Finally, you asked for feedback to make sure your naming convention hit the mark.

Remember, this isn’t just about naming. This is about crafting a message that attracts your ideal clients and keeps them coming back for more.

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