Do you feel like your offers are the best-kept secret in your niche? You’ve poured your heart into creating programs that can transform lives, but getting clients feels like an uphill battle. It’s frustrating when you know the value you offer, but your prospects tell you they are interested, but something holds them back from taking that leap.

Imagine your perfect-fit clients are stalled by “what-ifs” and ” yes-buts.” 

Maybe it’s the fear of not having enough time or doubting they’ll achieve the promised transformation. These stumbling blocks are more than just annoyances; they’re actively blocking the growth of your business.

Here’s the solution: a well-structured offer stack. It’s not just a bundle of services; it’s a pricing strategy designed to bust objections by conveying value beyond the price on the invest now button. 

Your offer “stack” is important. Just as a stack of pancakes can look quite appealing or quite drab, depending on the fluffiness and number of cakes, your offer can be structured in an appealing or drab way. 

When creating any type of offer (low ticket to high ticket), you want to make it as much of a “no-brainer” as you possibly can for your perfect-fit clients.

As an online-focused coach, you know your value. But does your current offer reflect that value compellingly? Keep reading to learn how to enhance (or create) your stack and make it irresistible.

Firstly, recognize that your offer stack isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It’s a dynamic set of layers, each adding more value to your core offer. And the cherry on top? Bonuses or “extras.” These aren’t just fillers; they strategically tackle the major pain points—or dreams—of your perfect-fit clients.

For example, if your prospects want to join your program but don’t believe they have enough time to commit to it, you could offer to start them out by teaching a bonus of how to free up 8 work hours a week. It’s obviously a huge value add, and it overcomes their objection in one swoop.

Here are some quick tips to help you refine (or create) your offer stack. 

  • Audit Your Assets: Look back at your previous material. What can be transformed into a bonus? Old webinars, eBooks, or checklists can become valuable assets in your offer stack. Starting from scratch? AI can help you create bonus materials in a flash!
  • Segment Your Bonuses: Not all extras serve the same purpose. Some are there to overcome objections, others to enhance the core offer, and some to provide unexpected results. Segment and present them strategically.
  • Tier Your Offers: Consider creating different levels within your offer stack. Your primary offer could be the foundational layer, with additional tiers adding more advanced strategies or personalized support.
  • Highlight Exclusivity: If you have an exclusive offering, like a members-only mastermind session or one-on-one coaching slots, ensure these are highlighted. Scarcity and exclusivity can increase perceived value.
  • Feedback Loop: Regularly seek feedback on your offer stack. What are clients enjoying the most? Use this to refine and enhance your stack continually.
  • Be Results-Oriented: Every piece of your offer stack should lead back to the results your clients can expect. Make it clear how each bonus or tool helps them get closer to their desired outcome.
  • Visual Value: Don’t just tell them; show them. Create visuals for your offer stack that illustrate the depth of value you’re providing.

No previous content? 

No problem. 

The power lies in creativity. Imagine your offer is the main dish — what’s the side that will make it irresistible? An onboarding call? An exclusive toolkit? These can be bonuses that don’t require much time to create with the help of AI (and the right prompts) but still pack a punch.

Remember, you’re not in the business of selling time for money; you’re offering a transformation. Your offer stack is your visual aid, promise, and pitch all rolled into one.

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