Clearly defining your coaching niche can be a waste of time.

Yes, defining a niche can help you to fine-tune your marketing message, increase your visibility and differentiate yourself from your competition.

And yes, many marketing programs for coaches start with a lesson on niching. They say if you don’t define a niche quickly then you can’t follow the rest of their advice, because it’s all built on having a niche picked out.

Unfortunately, this causes many coaches to choose the wrong niche…

Only to choose another one…

And then another one.

If you choose the wrong niche then you’ll come to realize that either:

– No one is looking for a coach in your niche

– That it’s just not aligned with your passions.

– Or both.

So what do you do instead?

Instead of defining a niche, start out by creating messaging that appeals to a broader market.

Examples: a wellness coach, a life coach, a business coach…that works with women and men.


Choose a narrower target market to test out. (I call this a “testing niche.”)

But….DON’T change your website copy (yet).

DO put your testing niche in your Instagram and Pinterest bios.

DO write content directed to your “testing niche” and see what kind of engagement you get.

DO market research by interviewing some people who fit your ideal client avatar.

DO work with a few clients in your “testing niche” to see if you enjoy it.

If you do this then you’ll discover that you’ve either found your niche…

… or you’ll realize it’s not right and you can easily shift to a new “testing niche” without having to update your website.

I’ve found this to be a faster and easier path to a truly aligned niche and a successful coaching business!

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